Welcome to Dorset Taekwondo Association

We are Dorset’s leading Taekwondo club with classes for all ages and abilities delivered by Professional Coaches and Instructors. Our goal is to improve the Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing of our members and help them reach their full potential.
When you train with us you will benefit from increased Fitness, Strength and Flexibility along with learning critical Self Defence techniques. Our classes also help build Self Esteem whilst improving Focus and Motivation.

5-7 Year olds – Kickstars
These classes are designed so the exercises are specific to this age group. At this age we work hard on balance, coordination, agility and flexibility. The class learning environment is safe and fun….
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8-12 Year olds – Juniors
These classes focus on agility, flexibility, strength and speed. The classes are more structured and disciplined than the classes for the younger age groups…
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Teenagers & Adults
Faster pace of the class with more cardio, and less focus on balance and coordination. Stretching exercises are adapted as participants are no longer growing….
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Family Classes
Dorset Taekwondo is happy to give families the opportunity to train together. We say “A family that Kicks together Sticks together.”

Family classes are suitable for all ages (8+) and abilities…..

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