2015 Annual Awards

2015 Annual Awards

These awards are in recognition of those people who have put that extra effort in to achieve their goals in 2015. They have also demonstrated the tenets of Taekwondo

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Rising Star Awards

This was the most difficult category and we could of actually given 15 awards out as there were loads of nominations.

Whilst only 3 awards heres a few of the other names that were in the hat.

Paris, Jemma, Ethan – for getting distinctions; Zane, Nico, Dennis, Cassidy, Connor, Greg.


Lucy Lawrence – Whilst only been training approx. 1 year Lucy trains 3 or 4 times a week and has already taken part in 2 competitions including the nationals

Gabrielle Collins (pictured above)– Trains 2 or 3 times a week. Trains with the Advanced / later class every Thursday and if often the only junior their. She always puts in a great effort and for that should be highly praised!

Chantel Smith – Trains regularly 3 times a week. Helps out during the Friday class. Has attained very hight grades at her grading tests.


Pink Fluffy Belt Award (Turkey Hat)

This award has historically been a pink fluffy Taekwondo Belt. However, it seems to have been missing the last couple of years (or has been perhaps kept by on e of the previous winners) – this year the award was a Turkey Hat!

Nominations were

Ed – breaking Knuckles punching tiles

Kjeld – breaking knuckles punching tiles

Dennis – Breaking Knuckles punching opponent!

Alex – for doing a 540 with man flu at Fireworks demo and missing by mile.

Marcin – for trying to coach at the National whilst wearing shorts.

Winner = Ed Inge pictured below



Fighter of the year awards

Abi Gardner – has trained at the development classes and has particularly impressed with her attitude and determination. Abi also helps out at Marcins Wednesday Kickstars class. The highlight this year was watching Abi have a really close match in the finals at the nationals narrowly losing 17-20. (She also managed to kick master Naraine in face a few months ago in during practice!)



Student year award – This year 2015 we have awarded 3 awards.

A New award this year is– Family of the year – Tomkins family – Several of the Tomkins family got nominated in other categories. The whole family train regularly and regularly race between classes dropping Kit home and returning to train themselves. Gen and Steve have also been a great help behind the scenes as well.


Female Student of the yearCassidy Maidment – Cassidy (below left) Achieved her 2nd Poom / Dan this year. She regularly assists in the class, and this year has played a big part in our demo team – The Dorset Taekwondo Tigers.


Male student of the yearDennis Murrain – Although not a black belt yet, Dennis trains 5 x week, helps at the kids Kickstars class. Dennis has lost several stone since beginning his Taekwondo Journey. He has got fitter and healthier, taken part in match days, taken part in poomsae comp, helps out demos promoting the club, and is in demo team. Dennis’s wife also had a baby in December but he only missed 1 class the week the baby was born!



All of the above have really demonstrated the Tenets of Taekwondo. They are a great example to the rest of us, and we wish them all the best on their Taekwondo lifelong journey.