Classes for ages 5-7 (School Years 1-3)

These classes are designed so the exercises are specific to this age group. At this age we work hard on balance, coordination, agility and flexibility. The class learning environment is safe and fun. Children can complete optional belt tests and progress to our main classes and development pathway classes.

The club strikes a great balance of being welcoming and friendly to new joiners whilst also having the structure and support in place for those who have the desire to be competitive.

Master Naraine and all of the instructors are clearly passionate about Taekwondo as a sport, but are also passionate about encouraging others to take part and develop their skills in Taekwondo. They all put many many hours into this club which has a lovely ethos and atmosphere.

I did a lot of research before deciding on this club as the one that would be best for my children (age 5 and 7) and I am so delighted to be part of it that I am likely to join myself.

Sharon (Mother of 2)