Classes for Teenagers & Adult

Mixed ability classes for adults only. The pace of the classes can be picked up with more cardio, and less focus on balance and coordination. Stretching exercises are adapted as participants are no longer growing. Classes are mix of cardio, pad kicking drills, sparring, and self-defence.  With a number of Black Belt instructors at each class the group can be split according to need.


My son started training in Taekwondo when he was 5, and after spending two years taking him to training events and competitions, I decided to join in. We have been at Dorset Taekwondo for three years, and have enjoyed training with my son in the varied training sessions available. The instructors are friendly and professional, and work really well with any age group. My daughter started over a year ago, and loves the children’s classes. My son loves sparring and the training, and has moved towards the technical side of the sport. For me, I enjoy training with my kids, and the fitness side is excellent. I would definitely recommend Dorset Taekwondo. (Sean – Age 47)