Aims for 2019

For those of you that missed this years end of year meeting here are the 201812 dtkd Presentation.

Couple of points to mention

1. Communications

We need to improve communication between coaches / members, and Parents. Email is the best way to ask questions
Please help us by :-

  • Bookmark our website
  • “Like” our Facebook Page
  • Sign up to our mailing list (sign up form on the Homepage of this website)
  • Talk to the coaches if you have any questions or concerns.


2. Aims for 2019

1.Increase participation in the Pathways (from Green tag 7th Kup)

2.Increase the number of members taking part in competition

3.Engage more with parents, as without parent support the children will not be able to succeed

4.Improve Communication (as above)

5.Build a base of volunteers to support events, and administrative projects within the club

6.Plan and implement specific training plans for those wanting to take part in competition

7.Maintain and Increase membership to account for likely increase costs (Hall hire)