Author: Master Darren Naraine

Great September Give Away – Updated – (Polo Shirt winner is…..)

Great September 2016 Give Away

Well done to everyone who completed sections of the giveaway cards and won wristbands, keyrings, bags and car stickers.

Four people managed to complete the whole card. These people went into the draw for a club polo shirt. The winner was Abi Jones (pictured below) wearing her new polo shirt:-


Results of the feedback questionnaire coming soon.


Here at DTA we have come to realise that September is a busy month for everyone what with settling into new school and work routines after the summer break. Experience has shown us that if you don’t get training Taekwondo back into your routine after a break, it gets more and more difficult to come back as time goes on.

Therefore, this September 2016, DTA is giving away loads of small incentives to get you back to regular training.

Pick up a September Give Away Card from your club instructor. Complete the simple tasks (3 levels of tasks Bronze / Silver / Gold) and receive free club merchandise such as New car sticker, wristbands, training bags, Tshirts etc.. Each time you complete a Task it will be signed off by your club instructor.

A copy of the DTA Great Give Away card (pdf) can be downloaded and printed here sept madness. (or pick up a pre-printed one from your club instructor)

One of the tasks is to complete a simple Class Feedback Form which will be available here by 1st September. We need feedback from you, to improve your enjoyment of the classes.



Super 6 prepare for the London International Open

Good Luck to Dorset Taekwondos Development Players Alba, Archie, Andy, Laila, Lucy & Nikko who are taking part in the London International Open on Sunday 14th August.

This week, in the run up to the competition, as well as their regular development classes, they gave been meeting on the beach at 7am and doing some additional fitness work.

A few of them are also venturing to Poland next week to take part in a Martial Arts training camp with Dorset Taekwondo coach – Master Marcin Tata.

This is all ideal preparation for the National Championships in the Copperbox (Olympic Park) on 24th & 25th Spetember 2016.

Any Dorset Taekwondo members who would like to take part in the National Championships should speak to Master Naraine asap. Regular DTA players, and regular attenders at the Sport Development Classes,  can apply for some funding towards the expenses involved in taking part in the National Championships