Author: Master Darren Naraine



After speaking to the coaches this evening, and taking into consideration the government guidance on social distancing, we have taken the difficult decision to CLOSE ALL CLASSES WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

We will look to guidance from government regarding reopening, but anticipate this to be 1 month at the very least.

We hope to set up some online tutorials next week to keep you engaged. Please check back on social media next week for updates.

With regard to monthly payments, please email Master Naraine at who will arrange a refund if you don’t want to carry it forward.

This is a risk based decision with your health, and the health of others, at the centre of this decision making process.

We are sure you will support the club during this difficult time.

Latest government guidance can be found on the link below.

Poomsae Development Classes (January to May 2020)

In 2018/19 we changed some of the CORE sessions, and ran some extra Poomsae DEVELOPMENT pathway sessions, in readiness for competitions and gradings.
In 2020 we will do similar – further sessions in addition to the below, might be organised if sufficient people want to prepare for competition.

As before the following CORE sessions (on Mondays / Thursdays and Saturdays) will be dedicated to Poomsae Development Pathway Classes.

Day Date Time
Saturday 22nd Feb 10-12 CORE classes changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Monday 24th Feb 8-9:15pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Thursday 27th Feb 7-10pm CORE classes changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Saturday 14th March 10-12CORE classes changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Monday 16th March 8-9:15pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Thursday 19th March 7-10pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Saturday 21st MarchPATTERN COMPETITION, Bracknell
Saturday 25th April 10-12CORE classes changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Monday 27th April 8-9.15pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Thursday 30th April 7-10pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Monday 18th May 8-9:15pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Saturday 23rd May 10-12CORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Thursday 28th May 7-10pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Saturday 30th MayPATTERNS COMPETITION, Basingstoke


Well done to all of you who completed the 2020 Goals online feedback questionnaire. 21 people participated and received a club wristband and car sticker.

The answers you provided have been shared to the club coaches and we can help tailor your training.

Its important to set goals for yourself, as without it is difficult to progress. Ideally your goal should be SMART. Specific, Measurable, Realistic, Achievable, Time constrained. The graphic above shows the key words that frequently came up in the respondents goals.

Feel free to discuss your goals with your club instructor.

Sparring Classes 2020

Sparring development classes recommence on Monday 6th January (2020) 6.45-8pm at the Grange School

There are 2 specific sparring classes a week:-
Mondays 6.45-8pm at the Grange School
Saturdays 11-1pm court 5 at Littledown.

The sparring coaches recently met and discussed the plans for the first part of 2020. We feel that many of you need specific GOALS / TARGETS to aim towards. Therefore we have decided to run the classes in specific BLOCKS. At the end of each block we have a target event such as a match day or competition. We have also written a specific lesson plans for the block.

The first couple of end of BLOCK EVENTS are:-
Sat 8th Feb Matches (mostly just our club) Littledown court 1 & 2 11-2pm
Sunday 22nd March – competition Bracknell (80 minutes drive – no overnight accommodation required)

Just a reminder that these classes are aimed not only at those competing at National events but also for Green tags and above seeking to either learn or improve their sparring technique– which forms a fundamental part of the grading syllabus.

Lessons include high intensity speed and agility training specific to Taekwondo with coach Jethro (40min), and sparring techniques / drills and practice with Marcin, Jon and Darren.

Body armour can be provided but, at some stage, you should consider purchasing shin and forearm guards which will be required as you progress.

There is no extra cost for these Development Pathway sparring classes as they are included in your monthly training fees.

Other Competitions for your diary

9th May Aquila Open – Docklands, London
27th June Kixstar Open – Crawley, London
4th October Aquila Open – Docklands, London

Train More 2020 (Free classes in January)

FREE classes – Prizes to be won.

We at Dorset Taekwondo want you train more in 2020. It is difficult to progress past green tag only training once a week and most of you want to progress to black belt and beyond.

Nearly 40% of club members only train once a week (or less) – therefore (those on monthly payment SILVER) can train at as many classes as you want (in January) for FREE (usually £6 per extra class). 

To make this FREE training even better there a 2 further promotions.

1. Complete this simple online form (link / button below) to tell us about the extra class / classes you attended. Attend a extra class and fill in this online form, and you’ll get entered into the FREE prize draw to win a bundle of club merchandise to the value of £30. (the winner will be announced on club social media on 2nd February 2020). Just to be fair to those already on GOLD you to can fill in the Prize draw entry if you attend a extra class outside of your normal classes (We have a accurate register so can check!)
You can also fill in the prize draw form every time you attend an extra class on January – More training = More chances to win,

2. If, at the end of January, you choose change your payment method from SILVER to GOLD you will receive £30 of sparring equipment or club merchandise. (subject to availability)

Goals Goals Goals 2020

We at Dorset Taekwondo want motivate you to help you achieve YOUR GOALS.

After thinking about your goals you need to write them down and share them with other people. This will help your focus and motivation.

Share your Taekwondo goals with us by filling in this simple online form (link below), and receive some FREE CLUB MERCHANDISE.

Fill in the online form (link below) and we will give you a club wristband and car sticker.
(we might anonymise your goals and publish them on our social media)

DTA 2019 Highlights in Pictures

Below is a review of the many Highlights on 2019 in Pictures. There are too many thank yous to say (coaches, parents and volunteers), but the whole year was a real team effort.

  • January – hosted match day at the grange; freestyle seminar in Nottingham; Hannah & Aidan took part in Presidents Cup Germany. Aidan won Bronze.
  • February – German Open Hannah & Aidan, Jemma and Aidan – Bronze for Aidan
  • March – Big grading 56 people testing. Including 10 black belts
  • April – Aidan took part in the European Poomsae Championship; The sparring pathway had medal success with Evie and Patryk medalling at the London Int Open
  • May – Evie won gold at The Welsh Open; I (Darren) refereed at the World Championships
  • June – Bluewave poomse Comp Big team several good performances and medals. Marcin, Oli, and Sam competed London Open
  • July – another successful club grading ; National Poomsae coach seminar our club; demo pathway in full swing with a performance at family festival in July.
  • August – Beach Summer Social
  • September – Open day session; Stourfield School class full bursting
  • October – Our own Hanmadang comp – massive success; fun for all, other clubs queuing up to come next time
  • Nov – Dave opens new class in Poole
  • December – National Championships Jemma, Aidan, Gabby, Angailika.

Moving into 2020 there are no massive changes planned. Just (small steps) building on our successes.

British Taekwondo Nationals Poomsae Report Nov 2019

On 30th November a small team from Dorset Taekwondo went to Worcester to take part in the British Taekwondo National Poomsae / Patterns Championships. There was nearly 600 athletes from over 60 clubs around the UK it was one of the largest and most competitive ever held with athletes all vying to become British Champion 2019.

Our team consisted of Angailika, Gabby, Jemma, Darren and Aidan.

It was a very long day with our first players on at 9:30am; then back on at 7:30pm. Staying focused for so long was very difficult. There was mixed performances throughout the day and a lot of lessons learned. In an amazing finish our Freestyle competitors gave great performances with Bronze for Jemma, Silver for Aidan, and GOLD for our new NATIONAL CHAMPIONS Jemma and Aidan (Under 17 Pairs Freestyle).

As a result of their hard work and dedication Jemma and Aidan have been selected for the BT National Poomsae Squad for 2020. A massive achievement to them, and for the club.

Some great photos of the weekend are shown below. (Click on the photos to enlarge)

Christmas Party and Awards Night 2019

On Saturday 8th December we had our Annual Awards and Party night. It was a great night with nearly 150 people attending.
2019 was a very successful year for our club/members. After a lot of discussion between the coaches the awards were given out as follows. (Photos of the Award winners are shown below)

  Award Name
GOLD Student of the Year Sam Leah
GOLD Indomitable Spirit Award Jessica Seymour
GOLD Tenets of TKD Awards Angailika Woodland
SHIELD Fighter of the Year Evie Hodges
SILVER Family of the Year Award The Ways
SILVER Family of the Year Award The Hoopers
BRONZE Rising Stars Ibrahim Ali
BRONZE Rising Stars Mohammed Rafique Ali
BRONZE Rising Stars Ula Simmonds
BRONZE Rising Stars Lillie Henning
BRONZE Rising Stars Lucas Silva

Click on the photos to enlarge