Author: Dorset Taekwondo Association

DTA Super Sunday!

On Sunday 9th April, DTA held our Super Sunday event at the Grange School – a fun day to give students a chance to compete in poomsae, board breaking and kyrugi, both with PSS and standard systems. There were around 45 entries from DTA and also a team from New Milton.

The event started at 10am, with poomsae, with competitors from yellow belt all the way up to 4th dan black belt. The students competed with others of the same gender and belt, or as close to as possible. There were five poomsae judges, who used red and blue cards to vote on the winner of each competition. It was great to see so many competitors and a great experience for all.

Next up was board breaking, and judge Paul Western provided the following report,
“Many competitors at the Super Sunday event had a chance to test their strength and skill at board breaking. This event proved very popular for both competitors and spectators alike. The competitors ranged in experience from a 9th Kup to 5th Dans. The first round required individuals to choose how many black boards they wished to attempt to break with each hand, using different hand techniques. Just to make it harder you were only allowed one attempt at breaking after one preparation. Pressure on! Experience showed with Yami skillfully smashing through three boards with his hands. The second round required competitors to break with each foot again using different techniques. Various techniques were chosen including turning kick, side kick and a few back kicks. Again Yami won managing to break with both foot techniques.

Gold – Yami
Silver – Runu
Bronze – Marcus Burt

Gold – Young Min
Silver – Laila
Bronze – Abbey

A big well done to all competitors for taking part in this event and making it such a success.”

Whilst the board breaking was going on (for over 16s only), the younger students took part in some training drills – speed kicking and target practice, to help them get ready for the kyrugi matches ahead.

There were two rings – one with the electronic PSS body armour and sensor socks, and one with the traditional system with corner judges. There was 15 matches on each ring, and students got a chance to try out their technique, play against different people and have a go at corner judging and running the scoring systems.

All in all, it was a fantastic event, and great to the see the students, family and friends come together, all hands on deck, to make the event run smoothly. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the organisation, setting up and clearing down, sorting out the refreshments, the referees and corner judges, poomsae and breaking judges, parents, family and friends, and last of all – the students! For coming and having a go and learning new skills, well done to all of you!

DTA Medal Haul at Bracknell Chungdokwan!

On Sunday 25th March, Dorset Taekwondo Association took their kyrugi team to the Bracknell Chungdokwan Competition,

Geoff Lawrence, dad of fighter Lucy Lawrence, gave us the following report:

“After weighing in we waited for the draw sheet to come out, which didn’t take long. Lucy was the first match, which she had won 6-2, and was through to the final, which she won 13-7, after nearly being counted out after getting hit in the face by the opponents knee, she got back up, and won gold. Next match was Issie, which this was her first competition, but sadly lost 22-15, but came away with bronze. Nikko was up next, and he won 23-2, after being stopped after the first round, and was through to the final, which he won 27-18, and won gold. Angailika fought next, and this was her first competition, but unfortunately lost 27-7 and came away with bronze. Yami was the next match, representing our club for the first time, he won his first match, 4-2, and was through to the final, but unfortunately lost 23-3, and came away with silver. Adams match came, and he drew 21-21, which went to golden point round, which he had won with 2 points from a body point. Also 2 girls from Newmilton, Gracie and Kiera represented our club, which Gracie came away with silver, and Kiera winning gold. Big thanks to Steve and Marcin for coaching, and the great support from DTA. Overall it was a great experience, and everyone enjoyed it!”

Well done to all of you for taking part in a major competition and all doing so well!

Dorset Taekwondo Association Medal Haul at Bluewave Open Poomsae Competition!

On Sunday the 29th of January, Dorset Taekwondo Association took a fairly large team up to Basingstoke to compete in the first Bluewave open Poomsae competition. We had a team of 14 competitors taking part in singles, pairs and teams. Master Naraine and Master Smedley also took to the mats, a first for us both for over 10 years, and although we didn’t medal, we were not far of from the final and gained valuable experience to aid us and our team for future events.

Our team, however, performed very well with some great results. For many of our team, it was a first time experience, and although there were some nerves, all had the courage to step up on the mats, in front of lots of spectators and perform their Poomsae.

We also had two members of DTA who have recently trained as Poomsae judges, join the team of judges watching our every block, punch and kick. I am sure that they also gained valuable experience with help from GM Shin. With a healthy stash of medals, including team golds and silvers, and individual golds, silvers and bronze, we left the venue at around 6pm with a very tired but happy team.

Dorset Taekwondo Association would like to thank Master Reilly and all at Bluewave for working tirelessly before, during and after the event, we feel it was very well organised competition and we look forward to to the next one.

Master Kjeld Smedley

Club Members Attend British Taekwondo Level 2 Coaching Course

On 15th January, club committee members Marcin Tata and Paul Western attended a British Taekwondo Level 2 Coaching course.

Here is what Paul had to say about it:

“Marcin and I have just been given a wonderful opportunity to attend a British Taekwondo Level 2 coaching course last weekend at Bluewave TKD in Basingstoke. The course was really informative and very well delivered by Gerry and Coleen Reilly. We both really enjoyed meeting up with old friends of Dorset TKD such as South Hams and making many new friends.from across the country. There was a vast amount of Taekwondo experience in the room with players who had represented their countries in Olympic squads, World and European championships. Talking with others on the course presented many opportunities for networking and sharing training tips.

The Level 2 coaching course is nationally recognised and develops coaches to deliver sessions independently, It covers such areas as planning linked training sessions leading towards students specific goals; the importance of nutrition and hydration and best practice for safe guarding children. The course focused on developing a more student-centred style of coaching to better meet the needs of the students and maximise their potential.”

Anyone who is interested in doing their coaching qualifications should contact Master Darren Naraine.

Dorset Taekwondo Tigers have a Flare for Fireworks!

On Saturday 5th November, the Dorset Taekwondo Tigers geared up for the biggest event of their demonstration calendar – The Littledown Centre Fireworks Night Celebrations! The team has performed at this event for a number of years, and is always invited back. Again, BH Live put on a fantastic event, with three exciting firework displays, a fun fair, various food outlets and a number of different performances, along with a bouncy castle and soft play for the children, and the turnout was the best they have ever had!

The team arrived before the centre was locked down at 4pm, to lay out the mats for the demonstration, prepare the stall and banners, and get in some last minute practice for the night ahead. There were two performances in amongst the firework and gymnastic displays, with some have-a-go sessions for the public in between. The team and other club members handed out over 200 sets of British Taekwondo bags and wristbands, and even more flyers, so hopefully we will have some new potential members turning up for their free taster sessions in the coming weeks.

Both demonstrations went off without a hitch! The team worked together flawlessly to perform a varied mix of board-breaking, fight scenes, tile smashing, kicking apples off swords, poomsae and backflips. The crowd were amazed and had to duck and dive out of the way of flying wood and apple, to much cheers and applause! The addition of breeze blocks to the tile smashing scene was brilliant, many spectators thought it was not possible and were amazed how easily Master Kjeld Smedley destroyed those blocks. Congratulations to little Serena Shilito-Smedley, who performed brilliantly in her first ever demos, along with older sister and experienced demo veteran, Sofia Shilito-Smedley!

In between the two performances, Master Darren Naraine and several members of the club were on hand to pass out flyers and BT promotional materials to the very interested public, and run have-a-go sessions, offering kids and adults the chance to kick pads and a dummy – which proved a hit with the neighbouring gymnastic squad! You can see from the photos on this post how popular the sessions were, and we had a lot of enquiries about training with the club and the demo team.

Congratulations and Well Done to the whole team for pulling off yet another fantastic event, showing off one of the many exciting elements of Taekwondo! You all worked incredibly hard and it clearly paid off, judging by the crowds reactions. Thanks to Master Alex Kay for doing such a fantastic job of running the team and co-ordinating these events.

The team will be performing their final demo of the year at the Open Club Grading on December 11th. They will be training from 1-3pm every Sunday between now and then, so please do not hesitate to contact Master Alex Kay if you are interested in training with the team, and performing in a demonstration in front of the rest of the club, friends and family!

Tigers at the Littledown Family Fun Day!!

The Dorset Taekwondo Tigers had their second event of the demo season at the Littledown Family Fun Day on 31st July. As usual, it was a fantastic event put on by BH Live, the weather was fantastic and the attendance was in the thousands.

The team pitched up at about 10am to set up the performance arena in the main hall, and a stand to promote the club. The team and other club members handed out over 100 sets of British Taekwondo bags and wristbands, and even more flyers, so hopefully we will have some new potential members turning up for their free taster sessions in the coming weeks.

The team performed two demonstrations – one at noon and one later on in the afternoon, both tempting in a reasonable crowd from the beautiful weather outside.

As usual, the fantastic display of back-flips, apple-smashing, wood-breaking, tile-demolishing (and even breeze-block annihilating by Master Kjeld Smedley) captivated the crowd, and brought forward a large number of eager children (and come adults), wanting to come and have a kick.

Particular Congratulations go to Lucas and Tyler, who did fantastic in their first ever demos! Also well done to Jim for carrying on and doing the second demo despite picking up an injury in the first one, courtesy of his brother. A big well done to the whole team for once again putting on a brilliant event, hopefully bringing in some new members, and showing the public what an amazing sport Taekwondo is. As always, Master Alex Kay did a fantastic job of co-ordinating and motivating the team into pulling off a flawless performance

Thanks to Master Darren Naraine and Jemma for their help with the stand, handing out flyers and running the have-a-go sessions, and to the other club members who came along to help out.

The team is having a break over August, as many of the team members are away. They will be back training in September, so watch this space for news of future demos in the lead up to the big Littledown Fireworks event in early November!

Tigers make a fantastic start to the demo season!

On Saturday 2nd July, the Dorset Taekwondo Tigers performed their first demonstration of the summer at the Christchurch Priory Summer Fete.

The team arrived before the fete started at 11am and set up a stand with flyers and banners to promote the club, and some excellent bags and wristbands provided by British Taekwondo, which proved to be quite a hit! They also laid out some mats in front of the stand, with the intention of demonstrating kicking techniques, and offering spectators the chance to ‘kick the blackbelt’!

However, the weather turned sour quickly, and the team and parents ended up having to take shelter under the no-longer-waterproof gazebo, and it looked like the whole thing was going to be called off! The quite busy crowd of spectators thinned considerably as many ran for cover from the heavy rain. All the mats the team had laid out were soaking wet, and health and safety became a bit of a concern.

But then the sun came out again, just in time for the 1.30pm demo start! Once the mats were dried with towels and laid out in the middle of the spectator area, the team was ready to go! I think there was a little nervousness in the air – with a few new team members about to do their first demo, and there not being much time to practice before hand due to the awful weather.

Thanks to the friendly commentator promoting the display, the crowd built up around the display area, and once warnings about flying wood and pieces of apple were made, the team kicked off! A quick warm up demonstrating various types of kicks, followed by a brilliant display of triple-kicks, poomsae, fight scenes, tile breaking, human towers and somersaults that absolutely captivated the crowd. The whole production was flawless and went off without a hitch. Congratulations to Gabby, Habiba and Rahman for doing so well in their first demonstration, but particularly to Habiba, who had broken her first board only about an hour before the display and did brilliantly!

The bad weather held off for most off the afternoon, with a few intermittent showers, and team manned the stall, along with spending their pocket money at the raffle and tombola.

It was a fantastic event enjoyed by all. Big thanks to Paul Western and Dave Rodwell for transporting the mats from the Littledown to the event and back again, to Gabby’s mum for bringing snacks and drinks for the team, and to all the parents for giving up their day to bring their kids along and supporting them.

The next demonstration is at the Littledown Family Fun day on 31st July. It promises to be a fantastic day with lots going on, to include live music, various displays, face-painting, stalls selling toys and food and lots of sports to try out. The demo team will be there all day promoting the club, so please come along and support them, and perhaps help out with a few sessions with the children who want to have a go at kicking!

Once again, well done to the whole team for doing such a fantastic job! It was a joy to watch, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd.