Benefits of TKD


Many people participate in our Taekwondo classes to be fitter, stronger and learn self-defence. However, members soon realise that they also improve their balance, coordination, agility and flexibility. Increased functional fitness results in improvements in everyday life.


Participating in Taekwondo classes gives our members increased self-confidence. Younger members learn coping skills whilst more mature members test their own self confidence by putting themselves in unfamiliar situations. The classes help us by pushing the boundaries of our comfort zones. When questioned our members have mentioned improved self-esteem; trained mindset; increased resilience in everyday task; and improved focus & motivation.


The indirect learning that come from Taekwondo classes is difficult to quantify. Training with people of all ages and abilities, and from different backgrounds, builds social skills, life skills builds confidence, and brings about a feeling of community which is central to our club ethos.