Category: Grading Tests

Grading Test

Grading Tests are conducted every 3 months. Candidates can work through the coloured belt system. Successful candidates are awarded a Nationally Recognised British Taekwondo Certificate.

The grading test examining board consists of qualified and approved Instructors. It also usually contains an independent Master Instructor from outside of Dorset Taekwondo Association.

The Grading Test Syllabus (Sept16) can be found here.

After the Grading Test candidates are given written feedback so they know what to work on for the next test.

Grading Test Application Forms

Grading test forms can be downloaded and printed below. Applications must be fully completed including licence number and licence expiry date – without this applications will be returned and you will not be permitted to test.
Your Name and Date Of Birth must be very clear as this is how it will be printed on your certificate.

Application form 9th Kup YELLOW TAG

Application form 8th Kup YELLOW BELT

Application form 7th Kup GREEN TAG

Application form 6th Kup GREEN BELT

Application form 5th Kup BLUE TAG

Application form 4th Kup BLUE BELT

Application form 3rd Kup RED TAG

Application form 2nd Kup RED BELT

Application form 1st Kup BLACK TAG