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Book onto a trial class and we will send you more details of the beast promotion for you.

(Ages 5-7) Kickstars
Two Trial classes for only £5. Save 50%. These classes are oversubscibed, so complete the Trail Class form and we will contact you with availability, and to secure your space.
Join up after the trail and get a uniform, club badge and annual membership of British Taekwondo for only £25. (usually £40)

(Ages 8-12) Kids Classes

FREE Trial, Join after Trial for Massive Reduction on Uniform and Membership. FREE Club Kit Bag and Water Bottle.

Promotions for the Teenagers & Adults Classes, & the Family Classes, will be coming in May 2021 when the Lockdown restrictions are eased.

DTA Online Class Schedule (22nd Feb – 31st March 2021)

Half term is over and it was great to see so many of you at our online classes during the school break. We are still not sure when we will be returning to face-to-face classes, but we will be ready as soon as the restrictions are eased and the venues are ready to have us back.

We continue to support our members physically and mentally with our regular online class schedule.

Online classes are not ideal, but throughout lockdown the coaches have fine-tuned them to create a safe, fun, learning environment.

✅ Please see below our online Class Schedule until 31st March.
✅ Please book in via our website (then we will send you the Zoom hyperlink)

🤞There might be some changes depending on the easing of lockdown restrictions, and re-securing venues for face-to-face classes.

➕ There are some Grading Test / Patterns classes on Thursdays as you might enjoy the exercises, and those that have been training regularly online might be able to test in April; perhaps face-to-face or online.

Half Term (Feb 2021) Online Classes

Hope your keeping well. Currently we are not sure when we will be returning to face-to-face classes  but we will be ready as soon as the restrictions are eased and the venues are ready to have us back.

In the meantime we continue to support our members physically and mentally with a regular online class schedule.

Online classes are not ideal, but throughout lockdown the coaches have fine-tuned them to create a safe, fun, learning environment.

During half term we have changed the classes slightly – less technical and more high energy fun, and some interesting challenges. If you are not already participating in them, why not give our online a class a try during half term.

To take part please make sure you book into the class through our website so we can send you the Zoom link. Any questions please ask.

Dorset Taekwondo members secure places in GB Poomsae Team 2021

2021 has just started and we already have exciting news! Join me to celebrate the amazing achievement of Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine!

Despite the global pandemic creating challenges to training, Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine armed with the Taekwondo spirit, dedication and commitment trained hard for the British Taekwondo National Poomsae Squad selection events. They both ended 2020 by successfully showing their technical abilities during a tough phase 1 selection process, and got shortlisted to Phase 2 selections. They spent hours of further training during the festive season (whilst the rest of us were eating mince pies…) and last week, at the beginning of 2021, they were further assessed together with 134 other athletes who had made it to the Phase 2 selection process. This was even a tougher process as many candidates were already competing Internationally for the GB Team.

Massive congratulations to both Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine who were successful at the Phase 2 selection process and have been selected for the GB Poomsae Team 2021. Fantastic effort, and their hard work has paid off!!

Their journey has just started, they will have hours of training ahead with the National Team coaches! This is SO amazing for them, but also for our club, as they will be able to cascade their learning to the whole of our club and help shape the future of our students.

Thank you Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine for your effort and we look forward to all the poomsae training you can provide to the Club!

For a further details and a list of the squad see the full news article on the British Taekwondo Website Here

Marina Malaffo
Club Coach and Safeguarding Officer

Zoom Class Schedule (January 2021)

I’m sure we all wanted to be back doing face-to-face classes but we will have to put them back for a while. In the meantime, lets make a real effort with our own training, our online classes, and supporting each other. through this challenging time.

 As a goal to work towards we will have a grading test approx. 6 – 8 weeks after we are back face-to-face. Hopefully around Easter.

We have made a few changes to the online lessons schedule. So we can better plan, please could you book into the classes as you did with the face-to-face classes. We have also put a small charge on the core Zoom classes.

If you have any problems booking into the Zoom classes, or any other questions about the online classes, please contact me.


Goals – at this time of year many of us make New Years Resolutions. As a club we would like to help you work towards your goals. Get fitter, lose weight, improve flexibility, achieve next belt etc.. I have simplified it for myself this year with this theory.

Maximise – Drop – Try


1. Pick one habit you have formed this year that worked really well for you (maybe even unexpectedly). You have one? OK, in 2021 i want you to go ‘all in’ with this habit and maximise the benefit. Tell yourself that the routine that formed this habit is a non negotiable and that everything else should to be planned around it.


2. Pick one bad habit that you have developed over 2020 that is a drain on you physically and mentally. Now drop it like it’s the only thing standing between you and success in 2021. It you have to, remove any triggers that prompt you to perform the actions that comes with this habit.


3. Pick one thing that you have been wanting to do for years but for whatever reason, you just never got around to it. Now create a plan and take the first small step towards making it happen. You only need a small win to start with but move this ‘thing’ up your list of priorities so you have a good chance of getting the ball rolling.

Whats your Maximise / Drop / Try ?

Maximise – For me I did more Cardio (mostly running) in 2020; I’m going to do more of this in 2021.
Drop – Spend less time on social media
Try – Watersports. Surfing / Windsurfing / Paddle-boarding.

It’s a dream if its only in your mind. Write it down and share it, then it will become a goal. Feel free to share your goals with your coaches and instructors and we will be happy to help you work towards them.

2020 Awards

After a difficult year with a mixture of face-to-face classes and online classes some students have still managed to excel showing Perseverance and Indomitable Spirit.

After a vote by coaches and feedback from members we were pleased to award the following

Student of the Year 2020Sam
Family of the Year AwardThe Hoopers 1. Inara 2. Noah 3. Sean
Rising Star 2020Rex
Rising Star 2020Rio
Rising Star 2020Cem
Rising Star 2020Ralph
Rising Star 2020Emily
Rising Star 2020Noah
Rising Star 2020Thea
Rising Star 2020Dylan
Rising Star 2020Leah
Dylan & Leah – Rising Stars 2020
Sam – Student of the Year 2020 (and 2019)
Cem – Rising Star 2020
The Hoopers – Family of the Year Award

DTA Coaches Continue Learning despite training restrictions

Well done to DTA Coaches Paul and Marina who continue their learning to improve themselves, and help improve our club.

There will be further online learning opportunities for DTA members and coaches in the months ahead,

Marina has done an additional days training, above and beyond the Safeguarding qualifications that all DTA coaches have completed, As our clubs Safeguarding lead, Marina has Passed a “Safeguarding and Protecting Children“.
Marina who has completed numerous Safeguarding courses both at work and through Taekwondo said “this is one of the best courses I have been on – useful, applied and realistic”.

Coach Paul as also been busy. He successfully passed British Taekwondo Poomsae / Patterns Judge Course. This course involved watching and scoring poomsae performances. There was also a online multi-choice exam in which Paul scored 98% (what happened to the other 2% Paul?)

Face to Face classes December 2020 (Restart 2)

Click here to go to the Calendar / Booking page

We can now restart face-to-face classes as they were in September and October (with 2M social distancing).
The Zoom and FB live classes have been fun.

We are not sure what the demand will be for face to face classes in the run up to Christmas and therefore there will only be one class a week for the next 3 weeks. This class will be on Saturday Midday in the Main Hall at Littledown
(Numbers are limited and therefore Booking and payment in advance required as before).
If there is a high demand for classes they can be increased.

We will then have a 3 week break over Christmas, and then a phased restart of the Monday and Tuesday classes in early January 2021 (depending upon further restrictions)

Click here to go to the Calendar / Booking page

If you have any questions please email Master Naraine – i will update the FAQ page accordingly.

Your safety is our priority. You MUST maintain a 2 meter social distance before, during and after the class until restrictions are eased.

DTA Online Classes

5.30pm on Saturday 28th Nov – Zoom Social and Quiz. •Any questions please post below and / or message Master Naraine directly.

• All classes are FREE to DTA members and our friends. You do need a current BT membership.

• Please ensure you have sufficient space and an area free from obstacles. Please read the full details here before participating in our online classes.

• You can borrow some kick targets for the cardio kick class. A partner to hold the pads or a freestanding kick bag is beneficial

• The coaches are happy to organise specific classes for small groups or even 1 to 1s upon request.