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Dorset Taekwondo members secure places in GB Poomsae Team 2021

2021 has just started and we already have exciting news! Join me to celebrate the amazing achievement of Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine!

Despite the global pandemic creating challenges to training, Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine armed with the Taekwondo spirit, dedication and commitment trained hard for the British Taekwondo National Poomsae Squad selection events. They both ended 2020 by successfully showing their technical abilities during a tough phase 1 selection process, and got shortlisted to Phase 2 selections. They spent hours of further training during the festive season (whilst the rest of us were eating mince pies…) and last week, at the beginning of 2021, they were further assessed together with 134 other athletes who had made it to the Phase 2 selection process. This was even a tougher process as many candidates were already competing Internationally for the GB Team.

Massive congratulations to both Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine who were successful at the Phase 2 selection process and have been selected for the GB Poomsae Team 2021. Fantastic effort, and their hard work has paid off!!

Their journey has just started, they will have hours of training ahead with the National Team coaches! This is SO amazing for them, but also for our club, as they will be able to cascade their learning to the whole of our club and help shape the future of our students.

Thank you Master Darren Naraine and Jemma Naraine for your effort and we look forward to all the poomsae training you can provide to the Club!

For a further details and a list of the squad see the full news article on the British Taekwondo Website Here

Marina Malaffo
Club Coach and Safeguarding Officer

British Taekwondo Nationals Poomsae Report Nov 2019

On 30th November a small team from Dorset Taekwondo went to Worcester to take part in the British Taekwondo National Poomsae / Patterns Championships. There was nearly 600 athletes from over 60 clubs around the UK it was one of the largest and most competitive ever held with athletes all vying to become British Champion 2019.

Our team consisted of Angailika, Gabby, Jemma, Darren and Aidan.

It was a very long day with our first players on at 9:30am; then back on at 7:30pm. Staying focused for so long was very difficult. There was mixed performances throughout the day and a lot of lessons learned. In an amazing finish our Freestyle competitors gave great performances with Bronze for Jemma, Silver for Aidan, and GOLD for our new NATIONAL CHAMPIONS Jemma and Aidan (Under 17 Pairs Freestyle).

As a result of their hard work and dedication Jemma and Aidan have been selected for the BT National Poomsae Squad for 2020. A massive achievement to them, and for the club.

Some great photos of the weekend are shown below. (Click on the photos to enlarge)

Fantastic Results at Bluewave Patterns Competition

On Saturday 1st June a small team travelled to Basingstoke for the Bluewave Poomsae Comp.
Master Naraine & Paul arrived early as they were officiating along with Jemma who volunteered to help out during the morning.
First up was Rio from Waterside who was competing as part of Dorset Tkd. Rio was in a very tough category consisting of several GB squad members. Unfortunately Rio did make it through to the final but gave a very strong & impressive performance.

Next up were the freestylers. Gabby was up first. This was Gabby’s first time competing in freestyle & the performance was great.
Jemma was up next for her freestyle & she gave a very controlled & confident performance.
Aidan competed in the boys category & gave a solid performance.
Jemma placed 2nd with a silver medal & Gabby 5th. Aidan came 1st in his category with a gold medal. Excellent results!

In the afternoon the remainder of the recognised poomsae divisions were underway.

It was Zak’s first poomsae competition and he did an excellent performance. Unfortunately missing out of the medals on this occasion but lots of potential for the future!

Diego took to the mats gave an impressive performance in a very close division. Diego came away in 3rd with a bronze medal!

Jemma also competed in recognised poomsae. This was again another close division & Jemma came 3rd & gained a bronze medal.

Master Naraine gave a great performance in a tough category and finished in 5th position, just outside of the medals.

Last to compete was Gabby in an extremely tough category, again against several GB squad members. Gabby kept her composure & made the cut & got through to the final. This in itself was an amazing achievement.
In the final Gabby managed to increase her position & finished in 7th. No medals this time but a great accomplishment considering the level of the competitors.

Overall a fantastic day for the team. Some great results & wonderful support for each other! Lots to work on ready for the next competition!!

Aidan at the European Taekwondo Pattern /Poomsae Championships

Congratulations to Aidan traveled to Antalya, Turkey with the rest of the GB team to compete in the European Championships. He was the first to from Dorset Taekwondo to compete for the GB team after winning medals in several A-class European Poomsae competitions last year Including France, Portugal and Germany. Its an outstanding achievement to compete at this level, and a reflection of his hard work and dedication (and mum and dads too).
Aidan gave a great performance, competing in the U17 Freestyle Individual category. Aidan did not medal at the championships but has gained so much from the experience. Ukraine took the gold followed by Spain & Russia on this occasion. The GB team overall finished 4th best in Europe and also picked up 2nd in the overall best Male team trophy! Overall a fantastic experience for Aidan & lots to work on for the future!
See a video of Aidan at the Europeans below.

Poomsae & Advanced Sessions (January – May 2019)

In 2018 we changed some of the CORE sessions, and ran some extra Poomsae DEVELOPMENT pathway sessions, in readiness for competitions and gradings.
In 2019 we will do similar – further sessions in addition to the below, might be organised if sufficient people want to prepare for competition.

As before the following CORE sessions will be dedicated to Poomsae Development Pathway Classes

Day Date Time
Saturday 26th January 10-CORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Monday 28th January 8-9:15pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Thursday 31st January 8:15-10pmAdvanced Class 2nd Kup and Above (Grading Syllabus)
Saturday 23rd Feb 10-12CORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Monday 25th Feb 8-9:15pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Thursday 28th Feb 8:15-10pmAdvanced Class 2nd Kup and Above (Black Belt poomsae)
Monday 18th March 8-9:15pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Saturday 23rd March 10-12 CORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Thursday 28th March 8:15-10pm Advanced Class 2nd Kup and Above (Self defence into gradings)
Thursday 25th April 8:15-10pm Advanced Class 2nd Kup and Above
Saturday 27th April 10-12CORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Monday 29th April 8-9:15pmCORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Thursday 23rd May 8:15-10pm Advanced Class 2nd Kup and Above
Saturday 25th May 10-12 CORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Thursday 30th May 7-10pm CORE class changed to POOMSAE Dev Class
Saturday 1st JuneBluewave Poomsae COMPETITION (Basingstoke)

Freestyle Poomsae Explained

Freestyle Poomsae is an exciting new method of Competition introduced by World Taekwondo in 2014.

(As well as regukar Poomsae) we are looking for DTA members who are interested in taking part in the Freestyle Category of the Poomsae Nationals in London in Dec 2018

There are individual, pairs and team categories that people have the option to compete in.  We are particularly looking for members to compete in a freestyle team (5 People; 2/3 males / Females under 18 or over 18)

There are compulsory moves within a freestyle routine however not all team members have to complete all the elements. Therefore, if you cannot do all the required elements don’t let that put you off – if you are keen to join in please contact Master Naraine.

It is routine choreographed routine to music, approximately 1 minute long, that must contain the following compulsory moves:

  • Flying Side Kick
  • Triple or quadruple front kick
  • Spinning Kick (360/540/720)
  • Fight/Sport Scene
  • Gymnastic move(s) incorporating kicking (preferably airborne)

The first video below explains the freestyle taekwondo rules, this is followed by our own DTA club members competing and medalling in freestyle competitions in 2018.

(The videos are best viewed with the sound on)


Aidan at the British International Open

Hannah and Aidan in Freestyle under 18 Mixed Pairs

Jemma in Freestyle under 18s

British International Poomsae Championships For Aidan (July 2018)

Good Luck to Aidan Palmer who has been called up to the British Team at the British International Open this July 2018

Aidan earned his call up to the British Team after winning GOLD at Nationals at the end of 2017, then a BRONZE at the French Open, and then missed out on a medal by 0.1 points in Germany.

Aidans blend of Taekwondo and Parkour has resulted in him becoming 1st choice for the British Team in the under 17 freestyle category.

Good luck Aidan!

The club are obviously paying his entry fee, but he is looking for some further funding. Click Here from Aidans Crowdfunding page.


Bluewave Patterns / Poomsae Competition

Mixed Results at 2nd Bluewave open Poomsae competition.

On Sunday the 3rd of June, Dorset Taekwondo Association attended the 2nd Bluewave open Poomsae competition in Basingstoke with a 17 strong team including coaches, students and judges! While Marina and Paul were busy with their judging duties, the rest of us warmed up and practiced our Poomsae.

With Master Naraine and Master Smedley not making it to the finals in their division, they were able to concentrate on the rest of the team and their turns to take to the mats. It was very much a mixed bag of emotions and results, and while some won medals, others weren’t so fortunate.

Aidan Palmer won double gold in the U17 freestyle, and freestyle pairs with his younger sister, Hannah in her first freestyle event. Jemma Naraine didn’t medal in the freestyle, although she performed a great routine, but was happy when she won gold in her individual division. Maddie, Lillie, Diego, and Stephen & Gen in the pairs, all won medals. Every member of the DTA team, whether they won a medal or not, showed great spirit  and tried their hardest under very hot conditions. You all performed well, and made us coaches proud.

All in all we came away with 3 golds, 3 silvers and 4 bronze medals. We also 8th place team out of 34 teams.

We have learned a lot form the competition, and have identified areas to improve upon for next time.


Below are the Dates and Times of the POOMSAE (Patterns) DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY classes for 2018

These classes are for improving your Poomsae, and for the development of a Dorset Taekwondo Competition Poomsae Team.
Once a Month. The last week of each calendar month.

Mondays 6-7 & 8-9pm
Tuesday 7-8.15
Thursdays 7-8.15 & 8.15-9.30pm (possibly add 9.30-10pm for Dan Grades and Judging Practice)
Saturdays 10-11am & 11-12.

January – 25th, 27th, 29th, 30th

February – 22nd, 24th, 26th, 27th

March – 24th, 26th, 27th, 29th

April – 24th, 26th, 28th, 30th

May – 21st, 22nd, 24th, 26th ( + saturday 2nd June – Extra Poomsae session before competition)


On these days (as above) the CORE classes will be Poomsae Development classes.


As these classes are scheduled to replace CORE classes an additional (non-poomsae) coach will attend to run a separate group for new students.

Some additional CORE classes might be changed to Poomsae Development Classes according to competition schedule (and vice versa).


Poomsae COMPETITIONS we would like to attend are as follows:-

3rd June 2018 – Bluewave Poomsae Open Championships (Basingstoke)


Details of Development Pathways can be Found Here

Weekly lesson schedule detailing CORE and DEVELOPMENT PATHWAYS CLICK HERE