Christmas Party and Awards Night 2019

On Saturday 8th December we had our Annual Awards and Party night. It was a great night with nearly 150 people attending.
2019 was a very successful year for our club/members. After a lot of discussion between the coaches the awards were given out as follows. (Photos of the Award winners are shown below)

  Award Name
GOLD Student of the Year Sam Leah
GOLD Indomitable Spirit Award Jessica Seymour
GOLD Tenets of TKD Awards Angailika Woodland
SHIELD Fighter of the Year Evie Hodges
SILVER Family of the Year Award The Ways
SILVER Family of the Year Award The Hoopers
BRONZE Rising Stars Ibrahim Ali
BRONZE Rising Stars Mohammed Rafique Ali
BRONZE Rising Stars Ula Simmonds
BRONZE Rising Stars Lillie Henning
BRONZE Rising Stars Lucas Silva

Click on the photos to enlarge