CORE CLASSES and DEVELOPMENT PATHWAYS (updated September 2016)

Pathways (re)Explained

Following the structure of many other sports, in October 2016 DTA introduced the concept of ‘Core’ &Development’ Pathways.  ‘Core’ lessons have not changed in day, time or location. However, if you choose, you can try some of our structured pathway classes.

  • Core’  classes cover all aspects of Taekwondo and are suitable for all grades from beginner to Master who want to enjoy fun structured lessons, and work through the Belt system.
  • Development’ classes are specialist classes with particular themes working towards specific goals

The Development Pathways are currently structured into 3 specific areas :-

  1. Sports Taekwondo – working towards Olympic Sparring Competition.
  2. Poomsae / Patterns Classes – to improve your Poomsae, and work towards Poomsae competition.
  3. Demonstration Team – improve you r gymnastic skills, and work toward taking part in public Taekwondo displays

The Development Pathways are open to all but complete beginners.

The Development Pathways compliment many aspects of the CORE classes and can be used to help you work towards your next belt test. Attendance at Development Pathways alone is not sufficient to progress through the belt tests.

The lesson Schedule detailing the Class times and types can be found by Clicking here Training Venues (pdf – open in new window)

Below are the Dates and times of the Development classes for September – December 2016

Demonstration Team

Sundays 1-3pm at Littledown (Main Hall)
* Fireworks demo 5th November, possible demo at Christmas Grading

Poomsae / Patterns Development Class

Saturday 10th September at Littledown 10-12
Monday 26th September at Grange School 8-9pm
Saturday 8th October at Littledown 10-12
Monday 24th October at Grange School 8-9pm

Monday 21st November at Grange 8-9pm
Thursday 24th November at Littledown 7-10pm
Saturday 26th November at Littledown 10am – midday

Sport Development Classes

Mondays 7-8pm at the Grange School
Tuesdays 8.-9pm at Beaufort Community Centre
Saturdays 11-1pm at Littledown (Main Hall)

* not 24th September (National Championships), hall not available 1st October & 19th November.