Development Pathways (re)Explained

Following on from our successful end of year presentation, it became very obvious that most of the parents, and some of the members, did not understand the clubs Development Pathways.

The Development pathways were launched in 2016 after looking at this model in other sports. It became obvious that many students enjoyed a particular aspect of Taekwondo and could better develop their skills in classes that focused particularly on that area. Whilst CORE classes focus on all aspect of Taekwondo, and will develop a well rounded athlete capable of all aspects of modern Taekwondo, the DEVELOPMENT PATHWAYS allow them to specialize.

Members of Dorset Taekwondo are encouraged to try one or more of the Development Pathways after they have been training in the CORE classes for approximately 9-12 months.

  • CORE CLASSES – training in all areas of modern Taekwondo. Participants learn general Taekwondo skills so they can progress through the Kup / coloured belt grading syllabus. These classes are fun, varied, and engaging. (Development Pathways alone are not sufficient to progress through the belt syllabus).
  • PATTERNS (POOMSAE) DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY – these classes focus on improving poomsae with the goal being to compete in Poomsae competition. They focus on “accuracy” and “presentation”. Poomsae is a large aspect of the coloured belt grading syllabus and therefore attendance at these classes complements the core classes. These classes replace the CORE classes during the last week of each calendar month (Dates for 2018 here). Additional Poomsae classes at other clubs, with the British team, and seminars with visiting specialist instructors are organised throughout the year on an ad-hoc basis.
  • SPORT DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY – the focus of these classes is exercises and preparation towards Olympic style fighting competition. The class is not a “fight class”, and sparring is only one of the many exercises in these classes. Your own protective equipment is required. This Pathway has access to Electronic Scoring equipment purchased by the club as it is used in most competitions on the national circuit. These Sports Development Pathway classes meat three times a week.
  • DEMO DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY – these classes are run by our Demonstration Team known as the Dorset Taekwondo Tigers. The team focuses on dynamic / gymnastic exercises, boards and brick breaking, and even dance! The display team regularly perform throughout the summer and autumn at fairs, festivals and fetes etc.. The team meet seasonally on sundays from Easter until Christmas.

The pathway classes ARE OPEN TO ALL members of Dorset Taekwondo Association. You do not have to be invited, you can just go along. Its Courteous to speak to the coach at these sessions before going along, and speak to your core class coach if you will be attending less core classes.  If you have no previous martial arts experience it is anticipated that you will have been training for approximately +9 months before trying the Development Pathways class(es). This is so you have sufficiently prepared your general skills and conditioning. The development pathways are not suitable for complete beginners.

A weekly Schedule showing times and locations of all classes can be found HERE