DTA 2019 Highlights in Pictures

Below is a review of the many Highlights on 2019 in Pictures. There are too many thank yous to say (coaches, parents and volunteers), but the whole year was a real team effort.

  • January – hosted match day at the grange; freestyle seminar in Nottingham; Hannah & Aidan took part in Presidents Cup Germany. Aidan won Bronze.
  • February – German Open Hannah & Aidan, Jemma and Aidan – Bronze for Aidan
  • March – Big grading 56 people testing. Including 10 black belts
  • April – Aidan took part in the European Poomsae Championship; The sparring pathway had medal success with Evie and Patryk medalling at the London Int Open
  • May – Evie won gold at The Welsh Open; I (Darren) refereed at the World Championships
  • June – Bluewave poomse Comp Big team several good performances and medals. Marcin, Oli, and Sam competed London Open
  • July – another successful club grading ; National Poomsae coach seminar our club; demo pathway in full swing with a performance at family festival in July.
  • August – Beach Summer Social
  • September – Open day session; Stourfield School class full bursting
  • October – Our own Hanmadang comp – massive success; fun for all, other clubs queuing up to come next time
  • Nov – Dave opens new class in Poole
  • December – National Championships Jemma, Aidan, Gabby, Angailika.

Moving into 2020 there are no massive changes planned. Just (small steps) building on our successes.