DTA Medal Haul at Bracknell Chungdokwan!

On Sunday 25th March, Dorset Taekwondo Association took their kyrugi team to the Bracknell Chungdokwan Competition,

Geoff Lawrence, dad of fighter Lucy Lawrence, gave us the following report:

“After weighing in we waited for the draw sheet to come out, which didn’t take long. Lucy was the first match, which she had won 6-2, and was through to the final, which she won 13-7, after nearly being counted out after getting hit in the face by the opponents knee, she got back up, and won gold. Next match was Issie, which this was her first competition, but sadly lost 22-15, but came away with bronze. Nikko was up next, and he won 23-2, after being stopped after the first round, and was through to the final, which he won 27-18, and won gold. Angailika fought next, and this was her first competition, but unfortunately lost 27-7 and came away with bronze. Yami was the next match, representing our club for the first time, he won his first match, 4-2, and was through to the final, but unfortunately lost 23-3, and came away with silver. Adams match came, and he drew 21-21, which went to golden point round, which he had won with 2 points from a body point. Also 2 girls from Newmilton, Gracie and Kiera represented our club, which Gracie came away with silver, and Kiera winning gold. Big thanks to Steve and Marcin for coaching, and the great support from DTA. Overall it was a great experience, and everyone enjoyed it!”

Well done to all of you for taking part in a major competition and all doing so well!