DTA Super Sunday!

On Sunday 9th April, DTA held our Super Sunday event at the Grange School – a fun day to give students a chance to compete in poomsae, board breaking and kyrugi, both with PSS and standard systems. There were around 45 entries from DTA and also a team from New Milton.

The event started at 10am, with poomsae, with competitors from yellow belt all the way up to 4th dan black belt. The students competed with others of the same gender and belt, or as close to as possible. There were five poomsae judges, who used red and blue cards to vote on the winner of each competition. It was great to see so many competitors and a great experience for all.

Next up was board breaking, and judge Paul Western provided the following report,
“Many competitors at the Super Sunday event had a chance to test their strength and skill at board breaking. This event proved very popular for both competitors and spectators alike. The competitors ranged in experience from a 9th Kup to 5th Dans. The first round required individuals to choose how many black boards they wished to attempt to break with each hand, using different hand techniques. Just to make it harder you were only allowed one attempt at breaking after one preparation. Pressure on! Experience showed with Yami skillfully smashing through three boards with his hands. The second round required competitors to break with each foot again using different techniques. Various techniques were chosen including turning kick, side kick and a few back kicks. Again Yami won managing to break with both foot techniques.

Gold – Yami
Silver – Runu
Bronze – Marcus Burt

Gold – Young Min
Silver – Laila
Bronze – Abbey

A big well done to all competitors for taking part in this event and making it such a success.”

Whilst the board breaking was going on (for over 16s only), the younger students took part in some training drills – speed kicking and target practice, to help them get ready for the kyrugi matches ahead.

There were two rings – one with the electronic PSS body armour and sensor socks, and one with the traditional system with corner judges. There was 15 matches on each ring, and students got a chance to try out their technique, play against different people and have a go at corner judging and running the scoring systems.

All in all, it was a fantastic event, and great to the see the students, family and friends come together, all hands on deck, to make the event run smoothly. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the organisation, setting up and clearing down, sorting out the refreshments, the referees and corner judges, poomsae and breaking judges, parents, family and friends, and last of all – the students! For coming and having a go and learning new skills, well done to all of you!