dtkd Coach wins GOLD at European Masters Cup

Congratulations to dtkd Coach Master Marcin Tata who won Gold at the European Masters Games in Nice France. Marcin has been training, in Manchester, with the GB Veterans team for over 6 months in the run up to this competition.

A full team report can be found on the British Taekwondo website – Click Here

Below is a report from Marcin

European Masters Games is competition design especially for players over 35 years old.
There was 6 people competing in my category and I had 3 fights.
First fight was against Dutch player – tall and strong. Final score was (I think) 15-4. I did get injured during that match – we clashed with knees and I felt quite a pain inside my left knee but thanks to exceptional caching I finished my fight!
After this one I was ready to give up… In my age health is most important 😉 Fortunately my wife “explained” to me that we didn’t travel that far for nothing rather than gold 😉
I went to see doctor – he said it should be fine with knee support…
Next fight was against French fighter – I wasn’t convinced but I said let’s see what happens… and I can tell now it was the best decision !!! 🙂 With clear instructions from my coach – keep it simple and stay focused – I went thru it. Not sure about final score – I think it was 9-3.
I was quite positive about final against player from Swiss but after few actions I was losing 2-1. From that moment I knew that I had to try harder regardless my injury and fatigue. I won 10-4 ( not sure again).
There was quite a gaps in scoring and Joanna said it looked like it was easy to win but I can say it never was- it was one of those hard days with big decision to make…
Overall I think it was really good day with discovering another meaning of fighting against myself rather than opponent 🙂