dtkd Medals at British International Patterns Championships

Four Players – Four Medals! British International Poomsae Championships.

Connor – GOLD,
Heather BRONZE,
Dennis BRONZE.
Fantastic results for yourselves and for dtkd. Proud of you all.


Rather than the usual coaches write up, here are report from a parents perspective:-

It is the most amazing feeling in the world to see your child walk into the ring in the K2 Arena to compete before a multitude of international flags. Talk about a proud parent moment.      

Admittedly supporting a child wishing to compete will include a whole host of things that lead up to the actual moment of competition, such as travelling to training week after week, remembering to keep licenses up to date, sewing on club badges right at the last minute and realising your son has grown out of his dobok a week before the competition. How do boys manage to grow so fast when you are not looking? Obviously there is washing, starching and ironing the uniforms, remembering belts and club jackets, and making a big enough packed lunch to feed an army the night before. There were five of us from our family setting off at 6.15 am to travel up to the competition near Gatwick, we were going to need bacon sandwiches in the car at the very least. After all that, there’s actually leaving at the crack of dawn, registering at the venue and then sitting around in the arena waiting for your child’s category to come up.

None of those minor inconveniences matter because then your child walks out onto the mat with everyone watching and they knock your socks off. You can’t believe that amazing person out there is yours. Fantastic!

There was so much that also went on during the time we waited for our category to come up, including invaluable team bonding time, additional practice and an impromptu one to one training session with the most amazing Grand Master (9th Dan)who happened to be walking through the practice area and kindly stopped to share his immense knowledge. We even got to buy a souvenir competition T-shirt with everyone’s name on it.      

The entire day was worth every second that went into it. I’d do it all again tomorrow. Well done to all those who took part. You trained hard and achieved success.

A big thank you must go to Master Naraine for organising the competition applications and arranging training. In addition to that, huge thanks must go to Master Smedley our wonderful coach on the day who gave up an entire day with his family to spend it supporting and encouraging the whole team (and the parents too).

Well done Dorset Taekwondo Association!