dtkd train with GB OLYMPIC Gold Medallist

10 members of dtkd recently went to a seminar with Jade Jones (GB Olympic Gold Medallist) . This is what Cassidy, one of dtkds junior black belts had to say about the session.

Training with Jade Jones and her Coach Paul Green was a fantastic experience. She offered everyone advice, encouragement and tips. 

Paul and Jade demonstrated both basic and more complex techniques which we were then given the opportunity to try out.

The things that I noticed most were that Jade had incredible speed in her movements (faster than Master Naraine) backed up with immense power.

Jade trains 4-5 times a week and also does general gym and strengthening work. She is proof that a normal girl who works and trains hard can achieve amazing goals.  When asked what she did after winning her Olympic event she said that she went out to celebrate and had a McDonalds.

Meeting an Olympic Gold Medallist is an experience I will treasure. Jade even allowed each of us to hold her medal which was surprisingly heavy.

I would love to train with Jade again and I intend to use the skills she has taught me in the future.