Classes for Families

Dorset Taekwondo is happy to give families the opportunity to train together. We say “A family that Kicks together Sticks together.”

Family classes are suitable for all ages (8+) and abilities. The classes are fun, structured, and safe. The classes are mixed ability. They focus on cardio, flexibility and target kicking drills. The classes are based around our optional grading tests, and include self defence and traditional patterns.
Over the years we have found that the parents end up progressing as well as their children. Some parents have even stayed on after their kids go off to university.

Those that enjoy challenges, and don’t mind some additional hard work and training, can try our Pathway Development classes, and can test themselves in Sparring Classes / Competition, Patterns Competitions, or progress to our Demonstration team.

No matter what age you are coming into sport, being challenged keeps us motivated to progress. Dorset Taekwondo recognises this and provides just that.

Karla 47, Lucia 11 & Savannah 7

We have loved being able to train together. The club is so friendly and welcoming. I have used it to compliment my other sports and it particularly helps with my flexibility. My kids have shown increased fitness and confidence as they have progressed through the colour belts. We hope to all get our black belts one day.

The Hoopers age 45, 12, 7