FAQs – Restarting During Covid 19 Pandemic

Last update (24/10/20) and look for the answer to your questions below.

If you have any questions that are not answered below please email them to Master Naraine – who will reply, and post here:-

Q – What will happen to the classes if the COVID alert level in the area is moved from medium to high, or very high?

If the local alert level is increased we will continue to train. We will reconsider again and risk assess, but currently even at higher alert levels covid secure socially distanced classes are allowed to continue unless the local council implements additional controls. We might move to zoom classes for a short period if it feels appropriate to do so.

Q – Has the ‘Rule of Six’ affect us?

The rule of 6 does NOT impact on our covid-secure classes. It does mean however that we must not congregate before or after the class. This includes parents dropping off and picking up etc..

Q- What activities will we be able to do in class (and what can we not do?)

Classes need to be run to allow for 2 meter social distancing. Participants will be in their own squares marked out on the floor for the duration of the class. Class plans / activities will involve cardio, conditioning, stretching, patterns, kicking etc..
Currently we cannot do any contact work or kick targets as this moves participants within 2 meters of each other.

Taekwondo specific guidance is given to us by British Taekwondo and has been scrutinized and agreed by Public Health England, the Insurance company. Master Naraine is in regular contact with British Taekwondo and is aware that draft guidance is ready to allow us to move to the next relaxation of rules which will allow us to move to 1 meter+. At 1 meter+ we will be allowed to kick targets and classes will be closer to the way they used to be. This next relaxation of rules has to be agreed by Government and Sport England and might only be a few weeks away, but this will depend on the National R-value staying below 1 and steadily declining.

Q – Is there discounts for families and students and those on low income etc.. (as you had previously in your monthly payment plans)

With reduced class sizes it is difficult to cover the costs of the hall hires. The class prices vary to meet the costs of the hall hires given the maximum numbers permitted. Coaches are volunteers and no one is paid. The club operates on a not-for-profit-basis.
That said we don’t want you not to train due to financial pressures. Please contact Master Naraine and we can discuss in confidence if you have any issues.

Q – Can we pay by monthly standing order again?

Standing order is cheaper for you, and easier for the club to manage. However monthly payment in advance will be difficult to administrate as some classes might be full before you manage to book in. There is also the possibility that we might have a local lockdown, classes suspended at short notice, sick coaches or members. Refunds are complex. There is just too many unknowns at the moment and therefore we need to see how things go for a few months before restarting the monthly payment plans.

Q – When will the kickstars classes restart for ages 5-7 ?

Currently we do not have a suitable venue for kickstars classes. Our Safeguarding policy means a responsible person for each child under 8 needs to stay in the room. Restrictions limit the number of people in the training room, and parents count in the room capacity. e.g if we are allowed 14 people max in the room to allow for social distancing spacing thats 12 students + 2 coaches. However if each student has one parent / guardian with them then we can have 6 students, 6 parents and 2 coaches. This will make the the class financially not viable. We are looking at larger rooms / halls and will keep you updated.

Q – Will there be a grading to work towards this year (2020)

Yes – the coaching team are currently reviewing the grading test syllabus and amending some of the exercises to allow for social distancing. We are proposing a grading in Dec 2020. This will possibly only be for coloured belts, but black belt test are possible.

Q – When will sport / sparring classes restart.

Sparring drills are very difficult to practice realistically as British Taekwondo Guidance and Government Social Distancing does not allow contact. We are waiting for the guidance to be relaxed as currently we cannot kick targets as this would involve being inside the 2m distance. Until the guidance is relaxed further classes will not be specifically “sparring”. Instead we will work on our fitness, strength, agility, flexibility. There are no competitions scheduled in the UK until Easter 2021 (Poomsae or Kyorugi).

Q – Will I need to wear shoes during indoor classes

You can wear running or Taekwondo shoes if prefer as some floors are difficult to clean thoroughly between classes. Where we get the mats out, or at matted venues such as the Martial Arts Centre in Poole, shoes are not permitted. Please check at each venue if your not sure.

Q – With the Leisure centres allowed to open on 25th July, when will classes restart inside?

It is our intention to get back to inside face-to-face classes as soon as it is safe to do so. Currently we are working towards early / mid September. Most of our venues have been out of contact since lockdown and there is still a lot of details to organise.

Q – Will I have to wear a Face-mask in Classes?

We will follow government guidance regarding the wearing of Face-masks. The current guidance does not make the wearing of facemasks inside, whilst exercising, compulsory. This is a fast changing situation and we will regularly update our risk assessments and keep you informed.

Q – Whats happening at our sister club in Lyme Regis

Master Sharon Ward has risk assessed and reaches agreement with her venues, and is restarting classes in July and running them through the school summer holiday. You cannot just turn up. Please contact Sharon if you wish to attend.

Q – Is the Stourfield After School class starting in September 2020

Unfortunately the school have contacted us and as a after school activity this class will probably not restart in September and this will be reviewed in the new year. This is due to the fact that the school do not want mixing of school year group bubbles. Members at this club will be directed to other local classes when we have more information available.

Q- At the football and Rugby clubs they dont seem to be following 2 meter social distancing rules and their classes involve some contact – why does Taekwondo training have to comply with 2 meter social distancing?

Each sport has specific guidance – we must follow the guidance issued by British Taekwondo as the National Governing Body (NGB) for Taekwondo in the UK. Updates to industry specific guidance takes several weeks after changes to national policy – we need to be patient for the guidance to catch up. We should not compare ourselves to activities that take place in other sports. All sports should be following Sport Engands Phase 1 return to play policies. Several sports are not – but Dorset Taekwondo will follow the guidance.

Q- Will the cost of classes remain the same?

We anticipate we will need to move to a pay as you go payment scheme in which classes need to be paid for at the time of booking. Monthly payment in advance will be difficult to administrate as some classes might be full before you manage to book in. Cash payment will not be an option as we need to minimise risk by not handling cash.
Currently we do not know how much the venues will charge for room hire. With reduced class sizes we anticipate some changes to class payment to cover the costs.

Q – Will Zoom, Facebook Live, and Outdoor sessions continue throughout the School Summer Holiday?

The majority of Zoom / Facebook Live and outdoor sessions will stop for 6 weeks. Sessions during this period can be organised upon request on an ad-hoc basis. We are currently reviewing the demand for online classes and will restart some of these classes alongside the limited indoor classes if there is demand.

Q – Will Zoom and outdoor sessions continue into September?

Quite possibly some sessions delivered by alternative means will continue even after we get back to inside sessions. This is to complement the face-to-face classes.