Fireworks Demonstrations Go Off with a Bang!!

On Saturday 4th November, the Dorset Taekwondo Tigers geared up for the biggest event of their demonstration calendar – The Littledown Centre Fireworks Night Celebrations! The team has performed at this event for a number of years, and is always invited back. Again, BH Live put on a fantastic event, with three exciting firework displays, a fun fair, various food outlets and a number of different performances, along with a bouncy castle arena and soft play for the children, and the turnout was the best they have ever had!

The team arrived before the centre was locked down at 4pm, to lay out the mats for the demonstration, prepare the promotional materials and banners, and get in some last minute practice for the night ahead. There were two performances in amongst the firework and gymnastic displays, with some have-a-go sessions for the public in between. The team and other club members handed out over 150 sets of British Taekwondo bags, pens and wristbands, and even more flyers, so hopefully we will have some new potential members turning up for their free taster sessions in the coming weeks. We had the best support from non-demo team club members and parents yet, which was greatly appreciated and made the night much easier for the team.

Both demonstrations went off without a hitch! The team worked together flawlessly to perform a varied mix of board-breaking, fight scenes, tile smashing, kicking apples off swords, poomsae and backflips. The crowd were amazed and had to duck and dive out of the way of flying wood and apple, to much cheers and applause! The addition of ice blocks to the power breaking scene was brilliant, many spectators thought it was not possible and were amazed how easily Master Kjeld Smedley smashed through the ice. Well done to Kjeld for coming up with an innovative and exciting idea, which although was initially met with a few doubts, certainly paid off in the end! The team tried slightly shorter, more action packed demonstrations this year – both under 10 minutes and slick with seamless transitions.

In between the two performances, Master Darren Naraine and several members of the club were on hand to pass out flyers and BT promotional materials to the very interested public, and run have-a-go sessions, offering kids and adults the chance to kick pads and a dummy – which proved a hit with the neighbouring gymnastic squad! As per usual we had a whole hosts of parents wanting to sign up their 2 and 3 year olds, not something we currently market for, unless someone fancies running a taekwondo creche?

Congratulations and Well Done to the whole team for pulling off yet another fantastic event, showing off one of the many exciting elements of Taekwondo! You all worked incredibly hard and it clearly paid off, judging by the crowds reactions. Thanks to Master Alex Kay for doing such a fantastic job of running the team and co-ordinating these events as usual. Thanks to Master Naraine for supporting the team and running the have-a-go sessions, and to all other club members and parents who came along and supported the team and club as a whole.

The team will be performing their final demo of the year at the club seminar on December 9th. Please do not hesitate to contact Master Alex Kay if you are interested in training with the team, and performing in a demonstration in front of the rest of the club, friends and family!