Grading Tests


Grading Tests (Exams) for coloured (kup) belts are held quarterly.

We are lucky enough to have many high grade black belts who will, by invitation, come and sit on the examiners panel.

Tests consists of basic techniques, patterns (poomsae), Sparring (kyorugi), Self defence (Hosinsul) & breaking (Kuk pa). Obviously tests get progressively more difficult and more practice and regular training is required.


Black Belt (Dan) Gradings are conducted locally by Examiners from Taekwondo Tigers & Master Naraine. They are generally held two times a year depending upon the number of candidates. The gradings are approved by the National Governing Body – British Taekwondo – and world recognised certification issued by the Kukkiwon – the Headquarters of World Taekwondo are applied for by successful applicants.

A new test Syllabus for (June) 2014 can found above here Grading Test Syllabus (June 2014)

The main changes are a minimum number of hours / lessons required between tests. Sparring from green belt upwards is in full protective equipment. You need your own shin, forearm and groin guards. One step sparring is more prescriptive and simplified although attacker attacks both left and right so you can demonstrate the defence and counter attack both sides.

Further explanation available from your club instructor.


In order to test you need to have attended sufficient classes (see syllabus above), and get the recommendation of your club instructor. A grading test application form can be found here – Grading Test Application Form