DTA Hanmadang 2019


I am extremely excited to announce that Dorset Taekwondo Association will be hosting our very own Hanmadang on Sunday October 20th 2019 at the Grange School in Christchurch. 

What is a Hanmadang I hear you ask?  The word Hanmadang literally translates to Festival, so a Taekwondo Hanmadang is a celebration of the sport which enables people of all ages to demonstrate their skill at the same time as having fun and competing.  We will have refreshments available during the day so you wont have to miss any of the action. Make sure you tag us in all your photos from the event we will be using the tag #dtafestival19


The hanmadang will have the following events:-

Under 16s16+
ITF – Individual Traditional Forms / PatternsITF – Individual Traditional Forms / Patterns
IHB – Individual High BreakIHB – Individual High Break
ICB – Individual Creative Breaking ICB – Individual Creative Breaking 
SHK – Spinning Hook Kick (20secs)SHK – Spinning Hook Kick (30secs)
FSK – Flying Side Kick FSK – Flying Side Kick
STK – BOB  speed turning kicks (30secs)STK – BOB speed turning kicks 
SAA – Speed and Agility PBH – Power Break Hand 
SPB – Speed BouncePBF – Power Break Foot

For each of these events you will compete in divisions against people of a similar age/height/weight and grade as yourself. Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each division.  Below you will find descriptions and videos which explain each of the events. 

Registration and Entry

If you would like to take part in the Hanmadang then please complete the online registration form – Link below. 

The cost of entering the Hanmadang will be:-
£15 per person (Early Bird Discount) for all eight events. £25 is the standard price if paid after 6th October.
Payment needs to be made at time of entry via bank transfer.
Contact the event organizers for family rates.
Entries will close at Midnight on October 13th. We will not be able to take any ‘on the day’ entries due to the complexity of scheduling the events. 

Registration link >> http://bit.ly/dta-hanmadang-registration


To run any event like this we require a number of volunteers to help facilitate the smooth running of the event.  If you are able to help out on the day please let us know which sessions you would be able to help out in.  If you volunteer all day you will receive a 25% discount on one competitors entry fee, please add your competitors name to your form so we can provide you with the discount.
Volunteers will be able to enter a limited number of events for FREE in a “VIP category.” This will be coordinated on the day and will depend upon the number of entries received.

Volunteers link >> http://bit.ly/dta-hanmadang-volunteers

Event Descriptions and Videos 

ITF – Individual Traditional Forms

Participants will perform the traditional form which is equivalent to their current rank (or below). Participants will scored on the following:- Correct Execution, Taekwondo Spirit, Accurate Sequence of Movements and Presentation.

IHB – Individual High Break

Participants will take turns to see who can break the highest board using a jumping front kick. The first break will take place at head height of the shortest person in the division. The board will be raised 10cm each round until a winner is declared.

ICB – Individual Creative Breaking 

Each participant will be given 3 or 4 boards and allocated 60 seconds to set up their creative break.  They will then have a further 60 seconds to break the boards. Participants will scored on the following:- Creativity, Technical Difficulty, Height, Taekwondo Spirit, Accurate breaking and Presentation.

SHK – Spinning Hook Kick (20secs)

Each participant will be given 20 seconds to complete as many spinning hook kicks as possible.  Winner will be declared by the person who performs the most kicks.

FSK – Flying Side Kick 

Each participant will be given two jumps to see how far they perform a flying side kick.  Winner will be declared by the person who jumps the farthest.

STK – BOB  speed turning kicks 

Speed turning kicks using BOB.  Participants will be timed on how many alternating turning kicks they can perform on BOB in a 30 second period.  Winner will be declared by the person who performs the most kicks.

SAA – Speed and Agility (16 under only) 

Ninja Warrior style test involving jumping, ladder drill, and kicking. Timed Speed and Agility test where the fastest time will be declared the winner. The test might be changed slightly according to the age group. (Video to follow)

SPB – Speed Bounce (16 under only)

Starting from stationary feet together jump hurdle sideways as many times as you an in 30 secs. (Video to follow)

PBH – Power Break Hand (16 over only)

Competitors will use a hand technique to break boards.

PBF – Power Break Foot (16 over only)

Competitors will use a foot technique to break boards.

DRAFT schedule of events (scheduling maybe changed based on entry numbers – will be updated after entries are closed)

.Ring 1Ring 2Ring 3Ring 4
8:15-9:00Judge Training Judge Training Judge Training Judge Training 
9:00-9:457-10  ITF16+ IHB13-16 ICB10-13 SHK
9:45-10:3010-13 ITF7-10  IHB16+ ICB13-16 SHK
10:45-11:3013-16 ITF10-13 IHB7-10 ICB16+ SHK
11:30-12:1516+ ITF13-16 IHB10-13 ICB7-10 SHK
12:45-13:307-10 FSK16+ STK13-16 SAA10-13 SPB
13:30-14:1510-13 FSK7-10 STK16+ PBF13-16 SPB
14:30-15:1513-16 FSK10-13 STK7-10 SAA16+ PBH
15:15-16:0016+ FSK13-16 STK10-13 SAA7-10 SPB