Hapkido Seminar (12th of May 2018)

In partnership with the Red Tiger Academy, and Master Andrew Chaney, Dorset Taekwondo association hosted it’s second Hapkido seminar last weekend to great reviews and feedback from those who attended. During the first session, all participants were taken through a series a break falls and rolls, designed to minimise the impact of falling, therefore making it possible to get up quickly and either run, or fight if running wasn’t possible. We were then shown a set of techniques to get out of various grabs and holds, ending in either throws or locks. The students all put in a great effort, and hopefully learned at least a few new moves that they can take away and practice.

The second session for the Dan grades involved knife defences and counters, which most had never tried, but again everyone tried hard, even though the reality of knife attacks became clearly apparent. Master Chaney showed was in great form and showed how these techniques look and how effective they can be when executed with speed. All in all, this was another successful seminar, and we look forward to October 2018 and the next Hapkido seminar.

Once again, we would like to thank Master Andrew Chaney for his time and knowledge, and also to Master Gerry Reilly and Jay Zaldua for their time and assistance on the day. Looking to the next seminar.