How Much will it cost?

The same as starting any new sport there are a few costs involved, but once you have got started the costs are relatively low.

After your first FREE trial 2 lessons (Click here to open – New Starter FREE Lesson Voucher) the costs are as follows:-

1. Lessons are £4 or £5 (depending upon venue) on a pay-as-you-go basis. (Cheaper pay monthly options available).
2. All members are required to get a Annual British Taekwondo  Membership which currently cost £30 per year.

Other optional costs include

3. A good quality uniform which costs from £20 depending upon size and brand.
4. Grading tests are held 4 times a year.
5. Protective Equipment (required from green tag and above)


Monthly Payment details (by Monthly Bank transfer / Standing Order) and associated forms – Monthly Payment Details and Standing Order Form (pdf)