If you are thinking of joining Dorset Taekwondo Association then take a few minutes to read through our website pages as this may answer some of the questions that you may have. The next step is to either contact us for more info:-

– Tel: Master Darren Naraine 07789 107157 – or email:

– or just come along to one of our classes – you will be made to feel welcome.

– First TWO Trial Lessons are FREE – New Starter FREE Lesson Voucher (Print, complete, and bring to your first lesson)

Session fees : Fees will vary depending on the class you attend but are usually £5:00 per lesson. Monthly payment options, by standing order are available and work out cheaper. Initially, whilst you are deciding if Taekwondo is right for you you can Pay-as-you-go.

Uniform: Between £25-30 depending on the size you require.

Safety Equipment: As this is a full contact sport students will be required to eventually purchase their own safety equipment. Form 7th Kup (Green Tag) protective equipment is required for grading tests.

Membership / Insurance & Licence fee: All members are required to have this. The cost is currently £30 per year.

Further information – New Starter Intro Leaflet