Instructor Profiles

All the Instructors are very highly qualified. As well as years of experience teaching taekwondo, they have all complete a British Taekwondo (BT) instructors courses.

The BT instructors course includes training in Child Protection, Health and Safety, First Aid etc… To register as a Taekwondo Instructor Applicants must also pass a Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau Check (CRB/ DBS). Master Naraine has also Graduated from the ‘Kukkiwon’ (World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea). This blend of Qualifications and Experience is not matched by any other club in the country.




Master Darren Naraine

6th Dan Kukkiwon, 6th Dan Chungdokwan Great Britain

Master Naraine has been training in the Martial Art of Taekwondo since 1986. During this time he has trained under several local Master including Master Brown in Southampton with whom he started training and trained under whilst at university; Master Chung in Plymouth who he trained under whilst studying for his MSc at Plymouth University and finally Master Evans from Bournemouth.

Master Naraine has been competing since 1987. He has won many titles both in Patterns (Poomse) and Sparring (Kyorugi). He is also a qualified referee and has competed and refereed (sometimes both in the same day) at many major championships including National Open Championships and International Championships.

In 2000 Master Naraine Traveled to Korea where after intensive training he successfully passed his PATU Foreign Instructors Certificate. The course included meeting and training with several Grandmaster’s including Master Jung (5 times world Champion and Olympic Champion) and meeting with the founder of WTF Taekwondo Grandmaster Dr Un Yong Kim.

In 2001 he returned to Korea to complete a 7 day intensive training course at the Kukkiwon (Headquarters of the World TKD Federation). He successfully passed the Kukkiwon Foreign Instructors certificate making him one of the most qualified instructors in the UK.

In 2002 Master Naraine Traveled to the Hong Kong for the Asian-Pacific Championships. Here he completed the Chungdokwan International Referees certificate. He came top of the referee practical exam and received a special award from Grandmaster Park.

In 2007 Master Naraine Qualified as a WTF International Referee – Only a handful of Referees in the UK have achieved this qualification.

Alison Profile Pic
Alison Small

Alison originally started training WTF Taekwondo in 1996 with James Cowan at what used to be the Queens Park Health Club, Bournemouth. Alison got to green tags, but found that studying (accountancy) was taking up all of her time, so temporarily gave up Taekwondo with a view to coming back when she finished studying.

Four and a half years later, Alison made it her 2001 New Year Resolution to start training again.

Now in 2011 Alison is a qualified instructor and teach several junior and senior classes.
Behind the scenes she is a great club administrator and is responisible for memberships / licence applications and grading test certification.

Louise Pike

Louise started training at the age of 7 in 1993. She rapidly worked up the ranks of the club, running her own class at the age of sixteen, with a 4th Dan and medals in both Poomsae and Kyorugi. She still trains frequently with Dorset Taekwondo and is a national referee, taking part in the planning and executing of all Dorset Competitions and referees at many competitions around the country. Louise is a proficient coach and is able to boast that none of her players have ever lost.
Louise is currently at Bournemouth University studying Nursing and due to shift work currently trains and teaches according to her shifts and studies.

Master Jon Vaughan

Jon started training in 1996 with the Bournemouth University Club, he has been an active member of Dorset Taekwondo ever since. Initially starting in order to get fit for other sports (he still obsesses over going Windsurfing), these days Taekwondo often seems to dominate with many great days on the water being missed for competitions, seminars etc. Jon spent much of 2003/4 away from Dorset traveling around the world, during this time he spent several months training with ATI Martial Arts in Perth Australia. While training in Perth he made many friends, and has the opportunity to train with many high quality Taekwondo players, including members of the Australian national squad.

Jon has competed in many competitions, and despite consistently putting in strong performances has repeatedly proved that he is far too nice, buy failing to take advantage of those killer opportunities. He is however making a greater impact as a National Referee, having refereed at several national and even international competitions. Jon is now a 4th Dan an an important person within the structure of the club.

Marcin Tata

Marcin Tata (Dorset Taekwondo Association – Sparring / Kyorugi coach) trained with the Polish National Team whilst studying to be a sports teacher at University.
His sports science knowledge and skills really help team improve.

Marcin has competed at the highest level including major European A class competitions including the Dutch and German and British International  Opens.

Marcin medalled in the Warsaw Open 2011, and the BT National Championships 2013.

Since moving to Bournemouth Marcin has married and has young children who distract him away from the hard training required to compete at the highest level!

Ryan Proudley

Ryan started training with ITF but after a couple of years moved over to WTF, he is now an intergral part of the club and has passed his BTCB instructors course. Ryan is a nationally qualified referee and corner judge, and has also passed his Poomsae (patterns) Judge course. Ryan is passionate about his commitment to Taekwondo and especially to Dorset Taekwondo Association, providing assitance in teaching across all classes in the week.

Marcus Tubb

Marucs started training in 2002 when he was eight years old. Now (2011) a Chungdokwan National Champion and Black belt he runs Sport Taekwondo / Kyorugi courses and seminars throughout the year. Marcus is the Captain of the Dorest Taekwondo Tigers Demonstration Team and is also Assistant Kyorugi Coach. Marcus is a nationally qualified Instructor after attending a BTCB instructors course. Marcus is looking to compete at a higher level in the near future and is a great mentor for many students at Dorset Taekwondo Association.

Chris Samuals

I am 35 years old and started training with Dorset Taekwondo in 1998, so currently been studying Taekwondo for 14 years.  I have been heavily enthusiastic about Martial arts since the age of 14 and studied various other forms such as Thai Boxing and Karate but my passion has always been Taekwondo due to the kicking techniques we practice (Love jumping spinning techniques) .  I have always been a very keen sportsman and also play a lot of football and enjoy going to the Gym and running.  All this helps me maintain a good level of fitness which helps push me and my students when training Taekwondo.

I have competed in a few competitions and now focus more on improving my technique, pushing myself and get a great sense of satisfaction from helping others develop in the sport.  I have a high level of energy and enthusiasm for the sport and looking to establish myself as a senior instructor within the club. I established and teach at the Friday evening Pelhams Park class.

Master Mustafa Efezeybek

Mustafa has been training with Dorset Taekwondo Association since 2003 and has been a very active member ever since. Both his children also trained very hard and achieved the rank of 2nd Dan Black Belt at an early age. Mustafa has been taking part in competitions (Kyorugi & Poomsae) and has won medals at both National and Regional Championships including trophies for Best Male Fighter. Currently Mustafa co-ordinates the associations after school clubs and is running a class at Stourfield junior school.