Instructors and Committee Members

All the Instructors are very highly qualified. As well as years of experience teaching Taekwondo, they have all complete a British Taekwondo (BT) Level 2 Instructors course.

The BT instructors course includes training in Safeguarding, Health & Safety, First Aid etc… To register as a Taekwondo Instructor  all applicants have passed a Enhanced DBS. Master Naraine has also Graduated from the ‘Kukkiwon’ (World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, Korea). This blend of Qualifications and Experience is not matched by any other club in the country.

Master Darren Naraine

Grade: 7th Dan Kukkiwon, 7th Dan Chungdokwan
Role: Club Chairman & Chief Instructor – Monday and Thursday
Trained since: 1986
Biggest successes: WT International Referee – 1st Class
Kukkiwon Masters Certificate Level 3 (2004)
Kukkiwon Masters Certificate Level 2 (2017)
Been teaching Taekwondo since 1991 at University
Competed Nationally and won several medals in Sparring (Kyorugi) and Patterns (Poomsae)
Talk to him about: General Club Enquiries, Dan Gradings and Coach Development

Master Kjeld Smedley

Grade: 5th Dan Kukkiwon, 6th Dan Chungdokwan Great Britain
Role: Instructor – Thursday and Saturday
Trained Since: 1990
Biggest successes: Achieving 5th Dan, reached Black Belt Level in JKD and Kickboxing,
and watching his daughters progress through the TKD belts!
Talk to him about: Gradings, Hapkido, Poomsae

Master Mustafa Efezeybek

Grade: 5th Dan
Role: Instructor
Trained Since: 1993
Biggest successes: Medals in Patterns & Sparring – both his children (now grown up) also achieved Black belt.
Talk to him about: After School Classes (Stourfield)

Master Alex Kay

Grade: 4th Dan
Role: Instructor & Demo Development Pathway Lead
Trained since: 1996
Biggest successes: Passing 4th Dan. Several Medals in local competitions.
Talk to him about: The Demonstration Team Pathway

Master Marcin Tata

Grade: 4th Dan
Role: Instructor & Kyrougi / Sport Development Pathway Coach
Trained since: 1990
Biggest successes: Ex-Polish National Team member
Talk to him about: Sport Development Pathway, Competing and Fitness

Master Jon Vaughan
Grade: 4th Dan
Role: Instructor & Club Accountant
Trained since: 1992
Biggest successes: Organised and Participated in several large competitions
Talk to him about: Monthly Payment, Funding.

Chris Samuels

Grade: 3rd Dan
Role: Instructor – Friday
Trained since: 1997 (previously trained in other martial arts)
Biggest successes: His club (Pelhams Park) and his students achieving black belts
Talk to him about: Pelhams Class and General Fitness

Edward Inge
Grade: 3rd Dan
Role: Instructor – Friday
Trained since: 2000
Talk to him about: Pelhams Class

Paul Donnelly

Grade: 3rd Dan
Role: Assistant Coach – Demo Team
Trained since: 1982
Biggest successes: Being old but not feeling it! And still being able to do a back flip with a titanium hip!
Talk to him about: The demo team!

Paul Western

Grade: 2nd Dan
Role: Assistant Instructor; Poomsae Judge.
Trained Since: 2010
Biggest successes: Passing 2nd Dan
Talk to him about: Clubmark, Club Policies and Procedures

Adrian Carter

Grade: 4th Dan
Role: Assistant Instructor
Trained since: 1996
Biggest successes: Also competes in Triathlons
Talk to him about: Fitness

Marina Malaffo

Grade: 2nd Dan
Role: Assistant Instructor & Safeguarding OfficerTalk to her about: Classes for 5-7 year olds (Kickstars)

Master Sharon Ward

Grade: 4th Dan
Role: Instructor – Lyme Regis
Trained since: 1996
Talk to her about: Training in Lyme Regis