Kixstar Open (London)

On Saturday 29th June 2019 a small team of players took part in the Kixstars Open in Horley, near Gatwick. It was a fair size competition with around 300 competitors.
Master Naraine was Chief Referee, Coach Marcin was competing, so Speed and Agility coach Jethro stepped up to the chair to look after the competitors.

Dorset Taekwondo team was Oli in the Advanced -87kg, Marcin on the Advanced +87kg and Sam in the Novice Child -29kg.

The following is an interesting view of a competition written by Sams mum.

“After driving up to the hotel the night before to get ready for the competition I had one very excited but nervous child.
On arriving at the competition venue the next morning we met the rest of the team ready for weigh in.  Fingers crossed that everyone was in the category they thought they would be!
As the only person there supporting the team and not competing I felt the nerves from all of them!
Sam was first up.  The nerves you feel as they head off to the ring.  Wanting him to get through the match and do well. He walked off with the coach who has been training him for the last year.  The coach who believes that he can do as well on the ring as he does at training.  I could then only watch by the side of the ring willing him on.
The relief every time he scored a point and wanting him to as well as I know he can. 
When he came out of the ring, no matter what the result, I felt like the most proud parent. Proud that my child could have the confidence to face his fears and get in the ring.  Having thought he was going to give up a year ago to now looking more grown up going into the ring.  He was sad as he didn’t win but I told how proud I was of him.  No one said it is easy going into a match.  Then watching him smile as he joins others training and watching his team mates matches.  Telling me he wants to do it all again
. 🥉
The rest of the day was spent waiting for the other team members to have their matches.  All nervous for different reasons.  I felt nervous for them!

It was a very tiring and emotional weekend.  Seeing them all smiling at the end of the day was inspiring! “

After Sam was Oli. Oli had a close match against a very intimidating opponent. It went 11-11 after the three rounds putting them into a Golden Round. Unfortunately Oli was countered kicked and lost in the last few seconds of he golden round taking home a well earned silver. 🥈

Coach Marcin showed true indomitable spirit. Coming out of retirement (again) to play a competitor nearly 20 years younger than him! In a really close match with a rapid exchange of rib breaking techniques Marcin was eventually beaten into Silver 9-7 on points.🥈