London 2012 Olympics and DTA involvement

bwdIMG_4f82cc3876b66Dorset Taekwondo Association is please to announce that it is heavily involved in the London 2012 olympic Taekwondo

Ryan Proudley (assistant instructor) is going to be one of the few Tourchbearers!

Ryan was nominated by Master Naraine after he assisted in teaching in the club over the last 18 months. Ryan has been a great help and has covered so many lessons that he has been at more classes than many of the senior instructors. The nomination for Ryan must have stood out form the crowd as he has been selected to carry the Olympic torch on 14th July 2012 through Bournemouth & Christchurch.

bwdIMG_4f82cc8aa7d96Master Naraine is also pleased to have some involvement.

He has been selected from several 100 applicants to be a National Technical Officer (NTO) for the Olympic Taekwondo. He will be back stage at the Taekwondo in the Excell Centre where he is responsible for collecting the athletes from the warm up area, scanning and allocating their kit, and passing them to the BBC TV floor manager. Master Naraine stood out from the other candidates as he knows many of the Olympic athletes from his time traveling / refereeing around the world. (It is also a bit of consolation prize as he made it to the last 3 referees in the UK but did not get shortlisted). Master Naraine is particularly pleased as he is given free accommodation for 6 nights during the games, and is issued the same uniforms as the referees.

bwdIMG_4f82cf315eb3cJon Bealy, who trains at Master Naraine Monday class, has been selected as a Gamesmaker at the Olympic Taekwondo in the Excell Centre.