Match Day – 13th January 2019 (Grange School)

We are hosting a match day at the Grange Hall Sports Hall on Sunday 13th January at 10am. We are inviting a few local clubs and will be playing matches in full electronic equipment with judges and referees. This is a great opportunity if you enjoy sparring to have a competitive match close to home in a safe, fun environment.
All our regular sport development class attendees will be participating, but others are welcome to try if keen.

If you don’t want to take part please come along and support the club and team. You can judge, referee, provide first aid cover, set up clear down. Please contact Master Naraine if you are able to help in any capacity.
Judges and computer operators are also required. There is a British Taekwondo certified course the day before at the Grange School which anyone is welcome to attend.

Why not just come along for a couple of hours and support your club members. Bring a friend along to watch as its a great way to support / promote the club.

To take part in the match day please speak to your club instructor first, then complete the online application, or paper application as below.

Click Here for online application form for Match Day

Click Here for paper application for Match Day