Match Day Report & 100s Photos (13th Jan 2019)

A massively successful day or Dorset Taekwondo Association (DTA). We had 82 players from 6 local clubs come together and play matches against each other. Thanks to Waterside Taekwondo all matches were on full Electronic scoring equipment (body and head) / PSS. We also had full size hexagonal rings as well as judges and referees. All matches were 3 x 1.5 minutes.
15 DTA players took part and had great learning experiences. We usually have to travel hundreds of miles, and expensive overnight stays in hotels, for a similar experience. Our players will have to tell you there own stories about their matches.
Thanks to the support from Volunteers, Parents, and Coaches without whom the event would not have been such a success! Perhaps we should do it again later in the year??

See below some photos of our team of players and volunteers.

You can also view all (nearly 1000!) of the photos here. Please feel free to use these photos for personal use, please tag the photos #dtkd #dtkdmatchday if you use them on social media.