Momentous Grading Test for Dorset TAEKWONDO Association

Sunday 2nd April was momentous date for Dorset Taekwondo Association.

50 people took coloured belt tests, and 11 took Black Belt Tests.

The Black belts had to do at least 4 Patterns; One-Step Sparring; Kicking Drills; Several rounds of Sparring and Breaking. I am pleased to say the following were promoted

1st Dan = William, Chantel, Chelsea, Heather, Tomas, Gabrielle.

2nd Dan = Oliver, Angailika, Ashley

3rd Dan = Kailin

5th Dan (Master) = Mustafa

Of the coloured Belts a special mention goes to
Diego, Ronan, Romeo & Nico who got Distinctions.

Special medals were awarded to Diego and Genevieve for showing great Taekwondo Spirit.