Patterns / Poomsae session with GB Team Member

On Saturday 21st April Dorset Taekwondo invited Sheena to come and help us with our competition Poomsae training. Sheena is in the GB Poomsae team, and has also competed Internationally in both Patterns and Sparring.

Recently the poomsae class have been working on
– hands and feet finishing at same time
– keeping heel down whilst kicking
– generating power from the waist
– preparation position being big / large volume
– starting each move relaxed and accelerating into the block or strike.

On this occasion Master Naraine asked Sheena to work in tempo / timing.

This is likely to become more important as the scoring for competitive poomsae is set to change with a higher percentage of marks given for ‘presentation’ rather than ‘accuracy’.

The session lasted 3 hours and we covered all poomsae from Taegeuk 4 to Chonkwon. Everyone enjoyed the session and we look forward to welcoming Sheena back again to help us prepare for the Bluewave Poomsae competition on 3rd June.

Thanks again Sheena and good luck at the World Taekwondo Beach Championships in Rhodes next week.

Don’t forget the Poomsae Development Pathway have additional classes in May in preparation for the competition. Further details can be found Here

We also have a Self defence / Hapkido seminar on 12th May (see Facebook Event page for more details)