Satellite Club Funding (Year 2)

Satellite Funding

Dorset Taekwondo Association (DTA) is pleased to Announce that in conjunction with Active Dorset we have secured Year 2 Satellite Funding. The idea is to make it easier for young people to try a new sport, or to stay in a sport. The year 2 funding can be used for new students coming into the Satellite Club, or to continue to support funded students into their second year.

The funding will be used to improve access to classes for people (ideally aged 11-25) in the Grange School (BH23) catchment area.

With the funding DTA will reduce the costs for participation by making only a small fee for classes, giving uniforms away at cost, and reducing the cost of the annual insurance / licence to only £10 per year.

This offer has limited availability. Please fill in the contact form below, or email Master Naraine for more details and a FREE Trial Voucher.

A report on the British Taekwondo website about Dorset Taekwondos Community activities, including the Satellite Funding, can be found here