Sparring Classes 2020

Sparring development classes recommence on Monday 6th January (2020) 6.45-8pm at the Grange School

There are 2 specific sparring classes a week:-
Mondays 6.45-8pm at the Grange School
Saturdays 11-1pm court 5 at Littledown.

The sparring coaches recently met and discussed the plans for the first part of 2020. We feel that many of you need specific GOALS / TARGETS to aim towards. Therefore we have decided to run the classes in specific BLOCKS. At the end of each block we have a target event such as a match day or competition. We have also written a specific lesson plans for the block.

The first couple of end of BLOCK EVENTS are:-
Sat 8th Feb Matches (mostly just our club) Littledown court 1 & 2 11-2pm
Sunday 22nd March – competition Bracknell (80 minutes drive – no overnight accommodation required)

Just a reminder that these classes are aimed not only at those competing at National events but also for Green tags and above seeking to either learn or improve their sparring technique– which forms a fundamental part of the grading syllabus.

Lessons include high intensity speed and agility training specific to Taekwondo with coach Jethro (40min), and sparring techniques / drills and practice with Marcin, Jon and Darren.

Body armour can be provided but, at some stage, you should consider purchasing shin and forearm guards which will be required as you progress.

There is no extra cost for these Development Pathway sparring classes as they are included in your monthly training fees.

Other Competitions for your diary

9th May Aquila Open – Docklands, London
27th June Kixstar Open – Crawley, London
4th October Aquila Open – Docklands, London