Sparring Development Pathway Restart

Sparring development classes recommence on 7th September (2019), 11am – 1 pm (weekly) in Littledown main hall Court 5

In a small change to previous we need to remind you that these classes are aimed not only at those competing at National events but also for Green tags and above seeking to either learn or improve their sparring technique– which forms a fundemental part of the grading syllabus.

Lessons include high intensity speed and agility training specific to Taekwondo with coach Jethro (40min), and sparring techniques / drills and practice with Master Tata.

Body armour can be provided but, at some stage, you should consider purchasing shin and forearm guards which will be required as you progress.

There is no extra cost for these Development Pathway sparring classes as they are included in your monthly training fees.

After a recent meeting with all the club coaches / instructors we have also decided to make the following changes in order to help you improve your sparring

  • Re-introduce Sparring into the regular CORE classes. (please get in the habit of bringing sparring equipment to every class)
  • The Monday 6.45-8pm class at the Grange School is also a Sparring Development class as above.
  • The Tuesday class 8-9.15pm at Beaufort will change from Sport / Sparring Development class to CORE class as the class felt to elitist, and it is in fact open to all.