Summer July 2015 Seminar

This July we enjoyed a special seminar with Master Choi who was visiting from Korea with his childrens team.

The session was over all too quickly but it was really fun.

Here is what a couple of the younger students thought of the session.


On the 25th July many students went to the Littledown Centre for a seminar with a Korean Master.  At the start our display team the Dorset Taekwondo Tigers did a routine after that the Korean display team did a routine,  which was amazing. Then we did a warm up with some kicking exercises.  After lunch we split into groups – one using sensors to score points, one doing patterns with Master Choi (which I found really confusing) and one which was pad work.  After this we went into the pool for the Wet and Wacky, which was absolutely fab – we had all the slides and inflateables, it was great.



The seminar with Master Choi was amazing, we trained with Korean black belts.  The Korean black belts did a demo and the Dorset Taekwondo Tigers did a demonstration.
After that we went into the swimming pool and played with the inflateables.  We went on the slides.  it was so fun we had a great day