Tigers Demo Team in action at Littledown

Dorset Taekwondo Tigers a Roaring Success at the Littledown Fireworks

The demonstrations on 3rd November 2018 for the Littledown fireworks show were a roaring success! The updated and improved demo was performed twice to the crowds in the main hall by our team “The Dorset Taekwondo Tigers”. It included new jumping breaks, fight scenes, and tricks that impressed and surprised the audience. We showed off our medal winning freestyle choreography as well as sword kicks and group movements. We welcomed a couple of new team members who have joined us and performed excellently and confidently. We handed out lots of flyers and the reaction was great so we can hopefully welcome lots of new potential players to the club. With lots of young members, as well as a few who have been with us ever since the team formed, it was a really fun and very successful demonstration of our skill and commitment to the training that we have built up every Sunday over the last few weeks. The cheers of the crowd and the bang of the fireworks contributed to an explosive evening! Thanks to the players who came down to lead the have a go sessions and introduce lots of new people to the sport that we love!

Below is short snippet from the entire demo – if you would like to see the whole demo you can see it here.