Tigers make a fantastic start to the demo season!

On Saturday 2nd July, the Dorset Taekwondo Tigers performed their first demonstration of the summer at the Christchurch Priory Summer Fete.

The team arrived before the fete started at 11am and set up a stand with flyers and banners to promote the club, and some excellent bags and wristbands provided by British Taekwondo, which proved to be quite a hit! They also laid out some mats in front of the stand, with the intention of demonstrating kicking techniques, and offering spectators the chance to ‘kick the blackbelt’!

However, the weather turned sour quickly, and the team and parents ended up having to take shelter under the no-longer-waterproof gazebo, and it looked like the whole thing was going to be called off! The quite busy crowd of spectators thinned considerably as many ran for cover from the heavy rain. All the mats the team had laid out were soaking wet, and health and safety became a bit of a concern.

But then the sun came out again, just in time for the 1.30pm demo start! Once the mats were dried with towels and laid out in the middle of the spectator area, the team was ready to go! I think there was a little nervousness in the air – with a few new team members about to do their first demo, and there not being much time to practice before hand due to the awful weather.

Thanks to the friendly commentator promoting the display, the crowd built up around the display area, and once warnings about flying wood and pieces of apple were made, the team kicked off! A quick warm up demonstrating various types of kicks, followed by a brilliant display of triple-kicks, poomsae, fight scenes, tile breaking, human towers and somersaults that absolutely captivated the crowd. The whole production was flawless and went off without a hitch. Congratulations to Gabby, Habiba and Rahman for doing so well in their first demonstration, but particularly to Habiba, who had broken her first board only about an hour before the display and did brilliantly!

The bad weather held off for most off the afternoon, with a few intermittent showers, and team manned the stall, along with spending their pocket money at the raffle and tombola.

It was a fantastic event enjoyed by all. Big thanks to Paul Western and Dave Rodwell for transporting the mats from the Littledown to the event and back again, to Gabby’s mum for bringing snacks and drinks for the team, and to all the parents for giving up their day to bring their kids along and supporting them.

The next demonstration is at the Littledown Family Fun day on 31st July. It promises to be a fantastic day with lots going on, to include live music, various displays, face-painting, stalls selling toys and food and lots of sports to try out. The demo team will be there all day promoting the club, so please come along and support them, and perhaps help out with a few sessions with the children who want to have a go at kicking!

Once again, well done to the whole team for doing such a fantastic job! It was a joy to watch, and it was thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd.