TKD Frequently asked Questions

Who is Taekwondo Suitable for?

Taekwondo is suitable for most people.
What age are the participants?

In Dorset Taekwondo Association we generally have students between the age of 8 and 60. The earliest starting age is generally 8 years old, but this does depend upon the individuals concentration span.
What is the lesson format?

Lesson format varies according to the standard of the participants. However, it will always include a cardiovascular warm up & stretching exercises. Often the class will then be split into groups and activities according to ability.
What should I wear?

Until you purchase a uniform (dobok) please wear loose fitting cloths such as a t-shirt and track suit bottoms. Normally we train in bare feet.
Do I need to be fit?

Most people take up martial arts to get fit. However, you will need to be able to do gentle-light exercise in order to participate. If you have any medical conditions that inhibit you exercising you might still be able to take part but should discuss this with the instructor before the start of the class.

Aching muscles from stretching are usual after the first few lessons. Over enthusiasm is often a problem. Don’t be tempted to try too hard to start with. You won’t be encouraged / pushed for a few weeks, know your own limits.

Might I get hurt?

Taekwondo is a martial art based on principles of combat. It is a Full contact Martial Art. Fighting is optional and students only need to be able to demonstrate the ability to fight, and don’t actually need to fight to pass tests etc.. However, some physical contact is inherent in this type of activity.

Like any sport there is an element of risk in participating. Muscle strains, bumps and bruises are not common but do happen. Statistically there are more injuries in a game of football than participating in a Taekwondo class.