Training with GB Olympic Taekwondo Coach.

On Friday 11th February 2017 a few of the regulars at our Sports Development Pathway attended a special seminar hosted by our neighbours New Milton Taekwondo. The session was led by GB Olympic team Coach Gareth Brown.
The session focused on competition preparation. It was very tiring but great fun. All of us enjoyed the training, and your coaches picked up a few coaching ideas.

Here is what Lucy said about the session.

The training session we had with Gareth Brown, was really good, yet quite intense, because we had to learn new skills to adapt to the new rules that are coming up. The training session was difficult, the way I felt, but overall it was worth it, and it was really good, especially as there was such a good atmosphere. Some of the skills we did, were based around clinch work, and power. We had to be much faster, but we also had to build up our stamina a lot more for the 2 minutes 3 rounds that we have to do at competitions. A lot of the exercises was about being in a clinch, and having to get a kick in really fast, another exercise would be jumping off a step, and kicking as fast as possible, and a last example would be tiring ourselves out, and having to do different things after we were worn out. Overall I really enjoyed it, and I definitely think that others did too, and that it was a great learning experience. I learnt a lot of new skills to help develop into the new rules too, and I think that Gareth was a great instructor when teaching us about these techniques.

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