Survey FeedbackResults (Class Structure and Content)

Thank you to all of you (31 responses) who completed the Survey regarding dtkd class structure and content. The purpose of the survey is to gain feedback on what you enjoy about the classes so we can better plan and develop them. Whist it is difficult to please everyone dtkd have a range of classes to suit most requirements.

Whilst a full analysis of the results will be considered at the next committee meeting the headline news is as follows

  • The preferred length of a class is 1h 15min
  • All respondents enjoyed training with guest instructors
  • The majority of people supported the ‘Core’ and ‘Development Pathway’ class structure.
  • When asked what aspect of training would people like to increase in Core classes, most respondents answered flexibility / stretching training.

The dtkd coaches and committee are keen to maximise your potential and improve your enjoyment. If you have ideas about how the class structure could better support your training please speak to your club instructor or email Master Naraine.