Freestyle Poomsae Explained

Freestyle Poomsae is an exciting new method of Competition introduced by World Taekwondo in 2014.

(As well as regukar Poomsae) we are looking for DTA members who are interested in taking part in the Freestyle Category of the Poomsae Nationals in London in Dec 2018

There are individual, pairs and team categories that people have the option to compete in.  We are particularly looking for members to compete in a freestyle team (5 People; 2/3 males / Females under 18 or over 18)

There are compulsory moves within a freestyle routine however not all team members have to complete all the elements. Therefore, if you cannot do all the required elements don’t let that put you off – if you are keen to join in please contact Master Naraine.

It is routine choreographed routine to music, approximately 1 minute long, that must contain the following compulsory moves:

  • Flying Side Kick
  • Triple or quadruple front kick
  • Spinning Kick (360/540/720)
  • Fight/Sport Scene
  • Gymnastic move(s) incorporating kicking (preferably airborne)

The first video below explains the freestyle taekwondo rules, this is followed by our own DTA club members competing and medalling in freestyle competitions in 2018.

(The videos are best viewed with the sound on)


Aidan at the British International Open

Hannah and Aidan in Freestyle under 18 Mixed Pairs

Jemma in Freestyle under 18s

Student Aidan Palmer off to the Poomsae National Championships!

On the weekend of the 2nd & 3rd December Aidan will be travelling up to Nottingham for the Poomsae National Championships to take part in the Freestyle Championships.

Aidan is excited to take part as involves a combination of passion for taekwondo & acrobatics.

Aidan has attended the GB Freestyle seminars leading up to the competition as there are certain compulsory elements which need to be included within his poomsae.

Aidan will be competing in the individual male 12-17 years category.  At the age of 12 this is the first time Aidan is able to compete in freestyle and  it will be an amazing opportunity to gain experience.

We wish him all the best!